Tesla sells 93,680 China-made vehicles in June 2023

Release Date : 2023-07-11
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In June 2023, Tesla sold 93,680 China-made vehicles via wholesale, which marked the US electric vehicle maker’s best performance throughout the first half of this year, according to the China Passenger Car Association.
Tesla scored a 20.57% jump in June monthly wholesale volume compared to the previous month, and a 18.72% rise versus the year-ago period. Notably, wholesale volume of the Model Y came in at 63,043 units, outshining other passenger vehicle models in China in June, and accounted for 67.3% of the total monthly volume. Meanwhile, the Model 3 was sold by 30,637 units in June. 

In the past month, Tesla shipped 19,468 Shanghai-made vehicles to overseas markets, which accounted for roughly 20.78% of the automaker’s total monthly sales volume. 

In the first six months of this year, the cumulative wholesale volume of China-made Tesla vehicles summed up to 476,539 vehicles, representing a 61.68% spike over that of a year ago. Among which, 182,434 units were shipped to overseas markets.

Last month, China’s new energy passenger vehicle (NEPV) wholesale volume stood at roughly 761,000 vehicles, surging 33.4% year over year while increasing 12.1% month over month. From January to June, there were a total of 3.544 million NEPVs sold via wholesale, hiking up 43.7% from the year-ago period. 

Among all the passenger vehicle models who boasted a wholesale volume exceeding 20,000 units in the past month, ten out of sixteen of them were NEPVs, which were successively the Tesla Model Y (63,043 units), the BYD Qin (44,239 units), the BYD Song (42,388 units), the BYD Yuan (33,935 units), the BYD Dolphin (31,140 units), the Tesla Model 3 (30,637 units), the BYD Han (23,206 units), the BYD Seagull (23,005 units), the GAC AION S (22,487 units), and the GAC AION Y (20,583 units). 

On the other hand, in terms of June retail volume of NEPVs in China, Tesla saw its market share drop 3.5 percentage points year on year to 11.2% last month. At the same time, China’s locally-owned brands secured 70.5% of the entire NEPV market, which climbed up 8 percentage points from the previous year. The market share of new energy vehicle startups slipped 4 percentage points from the year-ago period to 12.8% in the past month.

In June 2023, roughly 70,000 locally-produced NEPVs were exported to overseas markets by Chinese automakers, indicating a 185.3% soar year-on-year but a 27.8% decrease month-on-month. According to the CPCA, NEPVs accounted for about 24% of the total passenger vehicle export volume last month, with 89% of them being pure-electric models.  

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