Topev Motors gives back warmly: mid-autumn goodies for employees to celebrate the festive season

Release Date : 2023-09-26
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During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Topev Automotive demonstrated its care and appreciation for its employees by preparing generous Mid-Autumn gifts for them.

On this special festival, Topev Automotive not only gave each employee an exquisite mooncake gift box, but also held a joyful Mid-Autumn Reunion Party, where employees shared good times and savoured the warm atmosphere of the traditional festivities.
The senior management of the company said that this initiative is to thank the employees for their hard work and dedication, and also encourage them to continue to contribute to the development of the company in the coming days.Topev Automotive promises to continue to provide a good working environment and development opportunities, and to embrace more opportunities for success and mutual growth with its employees.

This Mid-Autumn good gift not only brings happiness and warmth to the employees, but also promotes the traditional culture of Mid-Autumn, strengthens the cohesion between the company and its employees, and becomes a part of Topev Automotive's family. The company looks forward to creating more wonderful moments with its employees in the days to come.
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