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Release Date : 2023-07-03
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In April 2023, ZEEKR released a special user campaign inviting its customers to explore Everest Base Camp, which is inaccessible to ordinary tourists, to experience the ultimate product power in the extreme environment of the highlands. Many ZEEKR owners answered the call and successfully climbed to the summit with the confidence to go above and beyond and a constant pursuit of excellence.

As part of the 2023 Everest North Face climbing team, ZEEKR X owner Xiao Xi Gu became the first ZEEKR owner to successfully summit Everest. 18 May, Xiao Xi Gu set off from the North Face to climb Everest. After successfully climbing over the North Col ice wall at an altitude of 7028m, he arrived at the assault camp at an altitude of 8300m for final preparations. At 10.36am on 23 May, the 2023 Everest North Face climbing team, of which Gu Xiaoxi was a member, finally made it to the summit. After the summit, Gou Xiaoxi said, "Climbing Everest is not as exciting and fun as ordinary people think, but a long and arduous journey. It requires not only excellent physical fitness, but also the confidence to go beyond oneself and the concept of constant pursuit of excellence."

       The ZEEKR owner's climb to the top reflects the brand's uncompromising spirit of pursuing the ultimate. The owners who climbed Mount Everest and Krypton, who climbed the new energy peak, are a perfect example of how ZEEKR and its customers share the same vision.  
       However, the relationship between ZEEKR and its users is not just a spiritual echo. As a user-oriented company, ZEEKR has always been exploring, innovating and progressing with the needs of its users in mind; ZEEKR always sticks to the principle of product power above all else, constantly pursuing excellence in quality and performance so that its users can enjoy a better travel experience. ZEEKR has observed that every year, a large number of Kryptonian owners take the 318 to Tibet, which is why ZEEKR has planned this special Everest user event.

      The Everest region is a huge test for the climbers with its complex terrain and changing weather. And in such extreme conditions, the successful summit of the 2023 Everest North Face climbing team could not have been achieved without the support of logistics, weather and other support systems. To keep the climbing team members in good condition, ZEEKR offers all ZEEKR owners a stay at the best hotel in Zhaxi Dzongxiang, the Pintsok Khamsang Oxygen Rich Hotel, with exclusive discount rights;

     To enable ZEEKR owners to reach the summit, ZEEKR has set up the closest replenishment point to Everest in Zha Xizong Township and laid the closest branded charging post to Everest at the camp to meet the replenishment needs of the extreme Kryptonian owners driving to Everest.

      In addition, the extreme altitude, climate and road conditions also place tough demands on the performance of the vehicle. But since pushing the limits is what ZEEKR owners want to do, the ZEEKR is also a vehicle that offers them the strength to enjoy the snow and wind. The ZEEKR 001 is a luxury hunting coupé that defies high altitude conditions and offers a combination of powerful climbing ability, excellent passing and precise handling for the summit. The ZEEKR 009 is a pure electric luxury MPV with a 720° safety armour and excellent performance and technology features, creating a solid safety fortress for the climbing team.

      Since its inception, ZEEKR has been walking along with its customers and has been practicing the spirit of "customer enterprise". In order to give customers a better experience of the product's evolution, ZEEKR has made 342 enhancements based on customer feedback before the ZEEKR 001 was born, and numerous OTA upgrades have been made since the product was delivered. This is ZEEKR's quick response ......  
       ZEEKR will continue to explore, innovate and progress with the needs of its customers in mind to bring them a better product and service experience.

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