French Romance Test Drive Citroën Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS

Release Date : 2023-10-08
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Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS, once known as the "direct production of the concept car", is a compact SUV under the Dongfeng Citroen, since the launch of the let us feel the French romance, although the French a lot of wild design makes us difficult to understand, but you have to admit that the French car is always the most individual in its class. And in terms of comfort, chassis tuning and value for money, they are often the best in their class. Now that the Citroën C5 AIRCROSS is celebrating its 2023 model year, how does it stack up in all areas? Without further ado, let's read the article together!

The appearance is exactly the same as the old model

  Dongfeng Citroen Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS, hereinafter referred to as "Tianyi", has been released in 2017, after a small revision last year, the overall shape is still very solid and even a little bit cute feeling, now 2023 Tianyi's appearance is exactly the same as the old model, the use of the latest family design, the whole car! looks young, stylish and sporty.

The 2023 Citroën Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS comes in two configurations, the 360THP Intelligent and 400THP Longitudinal, and our test car was the 400THP Longitudinal, which is the top-of-the-line model.

The new car head shape and the old model is not different, through the type of net to both sides of the extension and headlights into one, with the black silver trim embellishment, it looks quite sophisticated and layered sense of distinct, the front surrounded by both sides of the large vents is very powerful, the overall is still to create a feeling of technology avant-garde.

The side shape of the car is also consistent with the old model, without too many lines of embellishment, you can see the front and rear overhangs are very short, the wheelbase is longer, the overall feeling is good, while the black plastic wheelchair eyebrows with this Tianyi added a hint of "wild".

The rear part of the car is also exactly the same as the old model, simple and full, bilateral common two exhaust is also very imposing, it is worth mentioning, don't look at the Tianyi's displacement is only 1.8T, but this bilateral common two exhaust is not a decorative item, which is very real.

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