Bookings already open for Alpine DHT-PHEV to be launched soon

Release Date : 2023-10-09
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On 9 October, we learnt from the official that Wei's mid-sized MPV, the Alpine DHT-PHEV, will complete its listing in the near future (or within October). The new car has been previously opened for booking, deposit of 1,000 yuan to enjoy 10,000 yuan of privileges. The car is based on Wei brand new energy high-end MPV exclusive platform to build, equipped with 1.5T engine and electric motor composed of plug-in hybrid system, the car adopts 2+2+3 seven-seat layout, force high-end family MPV market segments.

In terms of appearance, Alpine DHT-PHEV adopts a new design style, straight waterfall grille overall visual effect is more atmospheric, the internal inlaid with Wei brand LOGO, and connected to the two sides of the headlamps, visually see the full momentum. In addition, the lower enclosure is also wrapped up the front face through the chrome trim, reducing the visual centre of gravity.

The new car has a relatively smooth roof line on the side, and the waistline adopts the design of high in the front and low in the back, which enhances the sense of stability. Tail, the new car alpine through the light design, and on both sides of the vertical shape of the end, with a bilateral total of two exhaust decorations, the sense of hierarchy is outstanding.

As for the interior, the overall design is simple, and the biggest highlight is the adoption of a large dual-link screen design, which further enhances the car's sense of technology. In addition, a large number of horizontal lines are used in the car, further widening the visual width. As for the seats, the new car is equipped with dual suspended zero-gravity massage seats with one-touch zero-gravity/reset function, as well as standard 10-point massage/ventilation/heating function. The second row adopts the common rail design of the second and third rows, and the extra-long slide rail of 1845mm makes the maximum legroom of the second row up to 1166mm. the third row also adopts the design of split butterfly seats, which can realise the function of 4/6 split Tip-Up seat folding, which makes the combination of the seats more flexible, and makes the arrangement of the baggage more easier, and the maximum capacity of the organ-type luggage compartment can reach 1725L.

Wei Alpine is equipped with a 12.5L large-size on-board independent compressor refrigerator, which can achieve 0-50℃ temperature adjustment, and adopts the design of upper and lower double-layer, front and rear double-opening, which meets the convenience of the driver and rear passengers at the same time to put and put and is able to put 14 bottles of standard-size canned drinks at one time. In addition, this car refrigerator in the vehicle off the engine can still achieve the longest timed 24 hours delayed heat preservation.

  In terms of body dimensions, the new car length, width and height of 5045/1960/1900mm, respectively, the wheelbase of 3085mm, tyre size 245/50 R18. power, the new car will be equipped with a 1.5T engine and electric motor plug-in system, the maximum power of the engine is 115kW. relying on the exclusive platform of the new energy high-end MPV, the Alpine DHT-PHEV with an all-aluminium five-link rear suspension. combination of all-aluminium five-link rear suspension + 135kW rear axle motor, which meets the MPV's space requirements through a lower-height motor and a more reasonable chassis layout.

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