Ideal/Extreme Kryptonite/Wei et al. September 2023 OTA Roundup

Release Date : 2023-10-12
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In September 2023, more than ten models, including the Ideal L series, WeiPai Lanshan DHT-PHEV, ZEEKR X and NETA GT, received OTA upgrades. Aimed at assisted driving, intelligent cockpit, comfort/technology configuration and other aspects of the upgrade, so that the vehicle "always driving always new". We have compiled the upgrade information in this article.
OTA (full name: Over-The-Air download technology, Over-The-Air technology) has become the most fashionable word nowadays, and is also an important indicator for assessing whether the products of automobile enterprises are intelligent enough. SOTA refers to software upgrading in the air, favouring software upgrading including vehicle system application, just like smartphone version update; while FOTA refers to firmware upgrading in the air, which can be upgraded and optimized for the vehicle's three electric systems, control systems and other core modules, just like smartphone version update of the operating system.
● Haval
OTA involved models: Havalon, Havalon MAX, the third generation of Havalon H6, Havalon H6S, Havalon Big Dog, Havalon II Big Dog, Havalon Cool Dog, Havalon Divine Beast and other 8 models
OTA content: intelligent car control, intelligent driving assistant, power preservation optimisation and other functions
OTA push time: 7 September
  Haval official released the OTA upgrade planning instructions for some models. It mainly includes 8 models such as Havalion, Havalion MAX, the third generation Havalion H6, Havalion H6S, Havalion Big Dog, Havalion Second Generation Big Dog, Havalion Cool Dog, and Havalion Divine Beast. Time planning, has entered the actual development stage, from the third quarter of 2023 to the second quarter of 2024 will be launched, in which the Havalong MAX will be the first to usher in the first OTA upgrade on 7 September. What are the specific optimisation upgrades let's take a look!

The Havalong MAX was officially launched on 15 May and is positioned as a mid-sized SUV, which became the first model to carry Great Wall's new hybrid architecture Hi4 intelligent electric hybrid four-wheel drive system. Its interior adopts a triple-screen design, with a 12.3-inch centre control screen (the same size as the three screens), equipped with a Snapdragon 8155 chip and a new-generation Coffee OS system. The first OTA upgrade of Havalon MAX will cover intelligent car control, Smart Driving Assistant, power preservation optimisation, etc., with the addition and optimisation of eight panels such as super-image 3D car control, power preservation logic, sound museum, Smart Driving Assistant, and automatic resting function of the main interface of the passenger screen.

Among them, the 3D car control function can restore the real car scene with the help of 3D car model, support "visible is controllable", integrate HUD head-up display, sunroof/sunshade, windows, mirrors, tailgate and other car control settings, and show the vehicle driving mode switching in the form of a more technological sense to enhance the convenience of car-machine interaction. In addition, this time, for the needs of the user's car scene, also optimised and upgraded the logic of power preservation, to solve the user's power anxiety, and enjoy a new driving experience.

It also adds Sound Museum - a fun travelling companion for the whole family, and Smart Driving Assistant - a nanny-level driving manual that can be used anytime, anywhere, bringing more fun and care to the travelling life. For different habits of users, the main interface of the passenger screen has also added different time limits for setting the rest time.
● Changan Ford
Models involved in OTA: Ford EVOS/New Mondeo
OTA content: QQ Music VIP, Singing and 360-degree image optimisation, etc.
OTA Push Time: 8th September

  Changan Ford EVOS/new Mondeo will receive OTA upgrade, of which the new Mondeo will be adapted to the Deluxe, Supreme and ST-Line versions. The OTA upgrade includes QQ Music VIP, Singing Bar and 360-degree image optimisation, among others. In addition, Changan Ford is also launching exclusive autumn gifts worth up to RMB 26,888, please contact local dealers for details.

360-degree image optimisation includes automatic image triggering if an obstacle is encountered in front of you while driving at speeds less than 10km/h. At low speeds, the 360-degree front and rear view can be automatically switched with R/D gear.
In addition, the OTA also includes the addition of three new voice commands (mirror heating, driving mode switching, 360-degree image switching); media projection optimisation (free to choose to use the car and mobile phone traffic when projecting the screen); and account login optimisation (optimising the face recognition login experience).

Models involved in OTA: E5
OTA content: power-up logic, unlocking the car, iKey mobile phone key, voice engine, etc.
OTA Push Time: 8th September

  On September 8, Buick E5 will usher in the first OTA update after delivery. This update will optimise the user experience of power-up logic, unlocking, iKey, and bring a new upgrade of the voice engine. It is expected that this update will be pushed to the cloud through OTA from 11th September. In addition, the physical remote control key, which has been highly called for by users, is also under development.
As the focus of this OTA upgrade, the new system will optimise the experience of using iKey mobile phone key and NFC card key. After the upgrade, the vehicle power-up logic is updated from unlocking and closing the door to powering up by stepping on the brake, avoiding the problem of the vehicle powering up automatically when unlocking the door temporarily to get something. At the same time, by enhancing the Bluetooth detection signal and optimising the detection area, the experience of using the iKey mobile phone key will be improved.

In addition, the vehicle unlocking function has been further optimised, NFC card unlocking the vehicle, leaving the vehicle will not be automatically unlocked, Bluetooth key unlocking the vehicle, Bluetooth key carrying the car will be automatically unlocked by default, which can effectively prevent the key card is locked inside the car.

  The new voice engine will further improve the voice recognition speed of the car machine, in which the wake-up response time is only 0.3 seconds, the first screen on the word time is as fast as 0.8 seconds, and the interaction speed is increased to 1.2 seconds, and the fastest can be completed in 25 seconds within the 10 consecutive instructions of the car machine; in addition, the voice recognition area is upgraded from a single-tone area to a dual-tone area of the main / passenger side; it will also have the ability to identify the multi-intent of a specific scenario, and the user can give multiple instructions in just one sentence. In addition, the voice recognition area has been upgraded from a single voice zone to a dual voice zone for the driver/passenger.

OTA: neta
OTA content: Reminder of remaining battery power of the car key, memory of power-down for multimedia card audio, energy reminder function, voice control upgrade, mobile phone screen casting function, and six interactive entertainment modules.
OTA Push Time: 13th September

  Nezha S will officially launch the OTA upgrade of version V1.5.6 on 13th September. The upgrade will be delivered to all delivered models in batches according to the order of purchase, and will be completed before 20th September. The upgrade includes new car key remaining power reminder, multimedia card audio to increase the power down memory, energy reminder function on line, voice control upgrade, new mobile phone screen casting function, interactive entertainment six module function.

Wake up to set home/company address by voice, "hello neta" voice start, say "navigate home" "navigate to the company" wake up to go home/back to the company route, can display the current route, road conditions, the whole process time and other information.

Multimedia card audio source power-down memory function: after starting the vehicle, open the multimedia, the car machine defaults to use the last used player to play. For example, the last time you use "Aiqi listening" to play music, this time the default source is Aiqi listening after getting into the car.

  Voice car control function: after upgrading, the voice car control is more abundant, and also added three kinds of tones: Hong Kong female voice, Guangxi male voice and Shanghai female voice, and upgraded the sub-screen voice control function, and the driver's assistance broadcast also added the "minimalist" mode on the basis of the original simplicity and standard.

In terms of the two major modules, the new mobile phone screen casting function and richer entertainment ecology, the entertainment ecology includes the Volcano Car entertainment work shooting + one-click upload function, and 2 new local games. In addition to the features introduced above, the 2024 Nezha S also pushes Smart Driving-related features.

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