GAC AION’s Hyper brand releases preview images of Hyper HT electric SUV

Release Date : 2023-10-13
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GAC AION’s Hyper brand recently teased its upcoming mid-sized electric SUV, the Hyper HT. This vehicle is set to feature distinctive gullwing doors and boasts an impressive 0-100km/h acceleration time of just 5.8 seconds. The model is scheduled to make official debut and kick off pre-sale in November, and hit the market by the end of this year.
Finally, we arrived at the showroom of GAC Eion, which also has a wide range of Eion models, including Hyper SSR, Hyper GT, AION LX Plus, AION V Plus, AION S Plus, AION S and so on. The selling price ranges from $120,000 to $250,000 dollars. All these models have different features and advantages, such as AION S Plus is widely praised for its excellent performance and rich configuration; AION Y attracts young consumers with its stylish appearance and intelligent configuration.

The sales lady told me that AION Y Plus is one of the cars that sells better, the appearance design of AION is more fashionable and youthful, and the headlight design of AION is also more characteristic, called Pure Desire Big Eyes, Thumping Heart. Actually, I am mainly interested in its space and price point. Vehicle dimensions 4535X1870X1650, 2750 long wheelbase plus front and rear seats fully flat to put down, the front seats down directly and rear row spliced together, you can directly lie down flat, lie down and sit as you like.

The AION Y Plus is a mobile home for young people, a camping machine that is not only spacious but also has stunning audio and video effects. On a weekend night, find a small place with pleasant scenery and start your happy journey.

Different configurations of the model range of 430, 510 and 610 three, the saleswoman also said truthfully, the normal range of 70% discount is certainly not a problem, urban mobility, and occasionally long-distance driving is also easy.

Yesterday, we saw that the April sales of EAN topped the list, with monthly sales of more than 40,000 units, there are reasons for EAN's good sales, mainly in the following areas:

Leading technology: GAC EAN has mastered a number of core technologies, such as battery technology, motor technology, electronic control technology, etc. These technologies are at the leading level in China, which makes GAC EAN's products have higher performance and quality.

Rich product line: GAC EAN's product line is very rich, covering a wide range of market segments from compact cars to medium and large SUVs, which meets the needs of different consumers.

Marketing strategy: GAC EAN has adopted a variety of marketing strategies, such as online and offline linkage and organising tournaments, which have attracted the attention and support of a large number of young users.

User experience: GAC EAN focuses on user experience, adheres to the user-centred approach, continuously optimises product design and service quality, and improves user satisfaction.

Overall, GAC EAN's rich product line, leading technology, diversified marketing strategies and excellent user experience have together contributed to its rising sales.

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