Fixed orders for new AITO M7 surpass 60,000 units in first month on market

Release Date : 2023-10-16
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The new AITO M7, the latest offering from AITO, the premium new energy vehicle brand developed jointly by SERES and Huawei, boasted remarkable success in its first month on the market, with over 60,000 confirmed orders, said the company on October 15.

The all-new M7 was developed at a cost of 500 million yuan, and its spacious five-seat interior meets the diverse needs of families. It pays great attention to safety, introducing the world's first all-round collision avoidance system to ensure the "total safety" of the mobile cabin. Equipped with HUAWEI ADS 2.0 Advanced Intelligent Driving System and HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 system, AITO brings a smarter and more enjoyable travelling experience.

AITO aims to continuously strengthen its brand by prioritising fast delivery while ensuring product quality. This commitment aims to bring customers a safer, more comfortable and smarter travelling experience. Smart Manufacturing and Smart Empowerment are key components of AITO's strategy to ensure efficient delivery of the new M7.

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