Song L's sincerity will further solidify BYD's path of disruption

Release Date : 2023-12-21
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No one should object to the term "riding high" to describe BYD's current performance.

According to the data, BYD once again delivered record sales in November, with a total of 301,903 vehicles sold, which is the absolute leader in the domestic auto market, with 100,000 more vehicles sold per month than the second place.2023 In the first 11 months of this year, BYD's cumulative total of 2,683,374 vehicles sold was 64.29 per cent higher year-on-year, on top of last year's already doubled growth. In the first 11 months of this year, BYD's cumulative sales increased by 64.29 per cent year-on-year.
In November this year, BYD also completed another milestone breakthrough, BYD's 6 millionth new energy vehicle officially rolled off the production line on 24th November, from the "5 millionth" to the "6 millionth", BYD only used 3 months to set a new production and sales record! BYD set a new production and sales record.
At present, it seems that the completion of the new breakthrough of annual sales of over 3 million units in 2023 is already a nail in the coffin for BYD.

The reason for the above judgement is also very simple. On the one hand, because the overall market trend is good, at the end of this year, the domestic auto market can be said to be unprecedented, as a leading car company, BYD to continue the current market momentum, is a logical thing; on the other hand, the new models of BYD's upcoming outbreak of anticipation, but also an important factor in making the above judgement.

Before the end of 2023, BYD brought another market "killer" - the new car Song L. On 15 December, Song L was officially launched on the market, with a total of five versions, priced at RMB 189,800 yuan - RMB 249,800 yuan.
B-class pure electric SUV market, open "volume".

The domestic B-segment pure electric SUV market has not been particularly competitive, and the only model with a stable monthly sales volume of more than 10,000 units has always been the Tesla Model Y.

Is it because this market segment is not important enough? Obviously not, Tesla Model Y can sell more than 50,000 units a month, with the actual performance of the Chinese young families, the demand for high-quality pure electric SUV products, is very strong. The key reason why the domestic B-segment pure electric SUV market has not exploded is that the "players" with the ability to truly disrupt the market have not yet appeared.
In the past two years, BYD has already overturned the tradition in a number of market segments. The "oil car replacement" in the Chinese sedan market was accomplished by BYD, and the tram consumption trend in the A0-class and A-class SUV market was also led by BYD. Now, with the arrival of Song L, the domestic B-class pure electric SUV market, the probability is also to "change the sky".

First of all, look at the price. In the market segment, the starting price of Tesla Model Y is more than 260,000 yuan; seen as the hope of Xiaopeng car revival of Xiaopeng G6, the starting price is also more than 200,000 yuan; other products such as Azure ES6, BMW iX3, etc., are still considered to have a certain market scale, the starting price is more directly to the 300,000 yuan or more. As a comparison, 18.98 million yuan starting Song L, in the market segment, has a clear price advantage. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, compared to the previously announced pre-sale price (220,000 yuan), Song L finally gave the official price, but also let everyone see BYD want to serve the potential users of B-class SUV full of sincerity, at least, can not let the price of the product, to become a barrier to stop the demand for high-quality cars of China's young consumer groups.

The Song L, which starts at 189,800 yuan, has really achieved the goal of being fully equipped. Electric lift tail, facial recognition, fatigue monitoring, active fragrance, one can not be missing. In addition, the front seats ventilated and heated, electric lumbar support and leg support, seat backrest ten point massage, FSD variable damping suspension, 11 airbags, 5G intelligent cockpit, 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging, 12 Jan Danner audio, etc., are all standard equipment.

When the competitors are still "looking at others", Song L has already achieved the "hard goods all eat". What kind of car products do young Chinese families really need? Safety, comfort, convenience, intelligence, control, etc., all must be high standards. In these aspects, Song L has achieved a full range of full, and then compared to the price, the idea of subversion is born, B-class pure electric SUV value of the new standard, this is not up.

Song L, do really special one

Song L is positioned as a B-class pioneer hunting SUV.

Pioneer is mainly reflected in the design of the model, I have to say, the past has always given people the impression of "science and technology man" BYD, this time also began to play romance, and a come up is a king of bomb.
The Song L adopts the "Pioneer Dragon Aesthetics" design concept. The dragon face design is BYD's family design, and the word "pioneer" is added to emphasise the uniqueness of the Song L's design details. For example, the addition of the "dragon whisker" element adds a fighting attribute to the car. The hunting concept is mainly reflected in the Song L's large back design, which fully demonstrates the car's athleticism and creates a low-slung, swooping stance. In addition, the frameless door design is also the first time it appears on a BYD brand model.

The Song L is considered to have figured out the tastes of young Chinese family users, and it looks good without falling into clichés, so the Song L deserves the reputation of being the "most beautiful hunting SUV".

Song L also has a long wheelbase, rare in its class, with a wheelbase of 2,930mm, more than the Tesla Model Y, in terms of driving comfort, ready for everything. In addition, in terms of interior materials, Song L is also known as a quality upgrade choice in B-grade SUVs. It is reported that the soft material covering area inside Song L has reached 85%, including NAPPA leather, luxury suede and other high-specification materials, so it is easy to have the overclass enjoyment. Song L's rear seats support 4:6 flat, the front trunk and boot volume can be expanded to 1101L, loaded with family travelling happiness.
Safety is no small matter, and the Song L is fully equipped with both active and passive safety features, truly fulfilling BYD's corporate mission of engraving safety into the "bones" of the car.
The Song L is built according to the global five-star safety standards, with a cage-type cockpit structure, three-section body design, and up to 83.5% of "high-strength steel, high-strength aluminium, and composite materials", which fully guarantees the lower limit of safety in terms of hardware. In terms of active safety, the Song L is equipped with up to 24 sensors and more than 30 safety assistance functions, which can prevent problems before they occur to the greatest extent possible. In addition, Song L adopts the CTB body-integrated technology, which adds another layer of protection for the whole vehicle. The blade battery and the body chassis are integrated into one, and the battery is both an energy body and a structural component, providing natural "structural safety".
In terms of power, Song L is based on e-platform 3.0, adopting a power combination of front induction asynchronous motor plus rear permanent magnet synchronous motor, with a maximum output of 380kW and peak torque of 670N-m. In terms of chassis specifications, Song L is equipped with a front double-wishbone plus rear five-link suspension system as standard across the whole system, together with the intelligent damping body control system Yun-van-C. At the 200,000 RMB level, it is possible to enjoy the In the 200,000 yuan class product, you can enjoy the configuration and black technology only found in high-end luxury cars, which significantly improves the upper limit of Song L's power handling.

Conclusion: Song L is in the new era of young consumers "both want and want also" under the concept of consumption products, born and comprehensive is a necessary "quality", and it is precisely because the young people see this product hard power, so Song L in the pre-sale stage of a hit. It is reported that before the official launch, Song L has already harvested more than 28,000 pre-sale orders, the popularity of the new car can be seen. After the Song L's official price was announced, BYD's sincerity was even more acclaimed. BYD's new "hit" is now a sure thing.
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