Lexus LC special edition model sold for 1.336 million yuan on the market

Release Date : 2023-12-26
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The Lexus LC 500h special edition model is officially launched, and the price of the new car is 1.336 million yuan, which is 40,000 yuan more expensive than the LC 500h sports model currently on sale.
As a special edition model, the difference between the new car and the current sports version on sale is more obvious. The special edition model will provide an exclusive kit package, including blackened matt forged rims, blackened front grille and trim, blackened front light assembly trim, blackened rear light assembly trim, blackened roof trim, blackened exterior rearview mirror, blackened lower rear bumper decoration, blackened exhaust pipe partition, exclusive door pedal, carbon fiber fixed rear spoiler (the sports version is the active rear spoiler).From these additional configurations, it is not difficult to guess that the new car will be a “vision series” model, similar to the Black Samurai version we often mention.
It is worth mentioning that although it has ushered in a significant improvement at the kit level, compared with the cheaper sports version, the new car will cancel the Torsen limited-slip differential, Lexus dynamic control system LDH, variable gear ratio steering, dynamic rear wheel steering, semi-aniline premium leather seats, 8-way electric adjustable with driver's seat memory and other functions.
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