Geely-backed Robocar brand Ji Yue names second production model ‘Ji Yue 07’

Release Date : 2023-12-28
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 Ji Yue, the automotive robot (Robocar) brand jointly backed by Geely and Baidu, announced on December 26 that its second production model is officially named "Ji Yue 07," which is set to hit the market in 2024.
Following nomenclature tradition that features celestial bodies, Ji Yue assigned the internal codename "Mars" to its first production model, the Ji Yue 01, while gave the Ji Yue 07 the codename "Venus."
Venus, representing the goddess of love and beauty in mythology, symbolizes the Ji Yue 07's relentless pursuit of the ultimate aesthetic posture in its design and a forward-thinking approach to leading-edge intelligence. Speaking on this, Xia Yiping, the CEO of Ji Yue, expressed that the final christening of "Venus" as the Ji Yue 07 signifies Ji Yue's formal entry into the fiercely competitive market of the "7" series sedans. The company is confident in clinching the title of the "Most Beautiful Intelligent Hatchback" in 2024.

The carmaker said the distinct green exterior of the Ji Yue 07 showcases recognizable features, with smooth curves, elongated body, and elegant color schemes, highlighting the beauty of technological simplicity. The daring hatchback design adheres to the golden ratio, creating a rich profile with a continuous highlight line, seamlessly blending pure simplicity and a sense of technology, resulting in a sculptural beauty. The car features electrically controlled touch-sensitive doors and a retractable sports spoiler at the rear, enhancing its dynamic and agile appearance. Additionally, the hatchback design provides a more spacious luggage compartment, catering to urban, outdoor, social, and sports-related needs.

Equipped with intelligent AI-enabled pixel headlights and voice functions available inside and outside the car, the Ji Yue 07 enables users to engage in personalized communication and emotional expression with Baidu's intelligent vehicle AI partner "SIMO." Furthermore, the model incorporates pure-vision high-level intelligent driving technology, addressing the drawbacks of roof-mounted radar towers that disrupt the vehicle's curves and compromise low wind resistance design.

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