There are extended range and pure electric LEAPMOTOR is expected to open for pre-sale on 10 January

Release Date : 2024-01-03
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According to official information from LEAPMOTOR Automotive: In 2024, LEAPMOTOR's first globalised strategic model, the C10, is expected to open for pre-sale on January 10th, while the C16 will be launched in the middle of the year, with more new products to be unveiled in the second half of the year.The LEAPMOTOR C10 will be available in both extended-range and pure-electric forms of power, and is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip.

LEAPMOTOR C10 is the first global strategic model under LEAPMOTOR LEAP 3.0 architecture, with a wheelbase of 2,825mm, positioned as a medium-sized five-seat SUV, equipped with a purely electric range-extended dual-power form, and applying LEAPMOTOR's full range of self-developed technologies to meet the travelling needs of young family users.
LEAP 3.0 technology architecture has three genes of intelligence, comfort and safety, covering the "four-leaf clover" central integrated electrical and electronic architecture, 8295 intelligent cockpit, LIDAR Smart Driving, CTC 2.0 battery body chassis integration technology and quiet intelligent oil-cooled electric drive. Globalised products will also be built on this basis and sold simultaneously in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.
LEAPMOTOR C10 continues the LEAPMOTOR family's technology and natural aesthetics design language, incorporating more parallel lines to highlight the sense of power, the front design adopts a balanced design approach to give people a sense of stability and non-flamboyant, full and bulging hood front and bulging hood ribs not only look good, but also play a vital role in the protection of pedestrians, the front of the use of straight lines and type of right-angled corner of the front, with a dumbbell grille highlights the sense of power.
The highly recognisable front and rear penetrating light clusters echo the parallel lines of the entire vehicle. The design is inspired by the scene of the family watching the sunrise over the sea together, symbolising companionship and warmth, and the digital intelligent light language equipped with 8 scenarios blends value and technology to provide emotional expression for the vehicle, and moreover embodies the beauty of the digital sensual design.
Side skirt line, waist line and water cut line all adopt front and rear coherent embracing design, connecting the full front face and dynamic rear end, hidden door handle makes the side plane more fluent, LEAPMOTOR C10 length, width and height are 4739/1900/1680mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2825mm.
Simple and down-to-earth rear of the car allows people to not have the slightest sense of distance, the overall sense of view and sense of class to maintain the pace of the entire car, in the centre of the brand's English logo "LEAPMOTOR" to increase the sense of visual hierarchy, the wing rear spoiler makes the entire car is full of sporty vitality.
The interior cabin design of LEAPMOTOR C10 takes on the core concept of guarding the family, with parallel lines and rounded rectangular design elements, on the basis of the integration of soft curved surfaces and modern design, more emphasis is placed on a sense of tension and order, which makes the entire cabin space more neat, simple and approachable.
As a family-oriented LEAPMOTOR C10 also pays close attention to health and environmental protection, the seat fabrics use baby nibble-grade silicone materials, at the same time, non-toxic, antibacterial, skin-friendly, flame-retardant, wear-resistant and durable, durable and easy to take care of the stains, the entire damping piece of the car using environmentally friendly polyolefin damping piece to effectively inhibit the emission of volatile organic compounds in the car, a large number of pods use of water-based environmentally friendly adhesive wrapping process, low odour sound insulation cotton using ultrasonic welding instead of glue bonding. Low-odour acoustic cotton is ultrasonically welded instead of glued. In addition, it is equipped with AQS air quality management system, which automatically identifies the air quality, and through the adaptive adjustment of the air conditioner and the high efficiency filtration of the CN95 cartridge, it actively prevents the entry of polluted air from outside and quickly purifies the air in the cabin.
LEAPMOTOR C10 internal space utilisation rate of up to 66.3%, 2825mm wheelbase so that the second row of the maximum legroom up to 1050mm, the maximum headroom up to 1015mm, the second row of the maximum cushion length up to 514mm, the backrest of the rear seat is adjustable in two gears, and at the same time as much as 26 storage space throughout the car + 5 cup holders, the boot can simultaneously accommodate seven 20-inch luggage, and the second row can accommodate up to 15 20-inch suitcases.
In terms of power, it is certain that the Zero Run C10 will provide two versions of pure electric and extended range, and the three electric safety will be equipped with electric drive AI cloud diagnosis + AI BMS big data intelligent battery management system + integrated thermal management system battery pack, which achieves 720min of no heat spreading, and the thermal runaway warning rate is 100%.
With the support of self-developed core technologies, LEAPMOTOR C10 provides a comprehensive experience of intelligent technology, ultra-luxury, intelligent safety, and technological aesthetics. Regarding the price, referring to the starting price of LEAPMOTOR C11 which is less than 150,000 RMB, LEAPMOTOR C10 may be able to penetrate into the field of 100,000-15,000 RMB range, and if it is really such a pleasant surprise, together with the mainstream dimensions, the over-the-top configurations, and the dual versions of the range-extended electric vehicle that meets the different consumers' discerning needs, it can be said that LEAPMOTOR C10 is indeed a product of full sincerity.
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