Sold from CNY119,900 Chery Fengyun A8 officially launched

Release Date : 2024-01-04
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Chery Fengyun A8 welcomes the official launch of the new car, which is available in four models with a price range of CNY119,900 - CNY149,900. As the first model of the Fengyun series to be officially launched, the importance of the new car is self-evident, and as a review, the Chery Fengyun A8 is equipped with the Kunpeng Ultra Hybrid C-DM system consisting of a 1.5T engine and an electric motor, which will have a pure electric range of 125km and a combined range of more than 1,400km.
Reviewing the exterior design of the new car, as a new series of models, the overall design ideas of the Fengyun A8 have also received an update. It can be seen that it adopts the current more popular front grille design, grille size is relatively exaggerated, and with the two sides of the headlamp group to maintain close contact, with a strong sense of unity. In addition, in order to create a more intense sports atmosphere, the new car front surrounded by the trapezoidal vent design, both sides also integrated deflector slots, the visual effect is still very good.
Body dimensions, the new car's length, width and height were 4780/1843/1487mm, wheelbase 2790mm, belongs to a relatively standard compact sedan body, at the same time, in the flat waistline design under the auspices of the new car's side has a relatively low visual effect, and the front face of the sporty design formed a good echo effect.
The rear part of the car, I think you must feel some familiarity, tail lamp group shape and Airesawa 8 (panoramic view of the car) to maintain a high degree of consistency, recognition is still very high. In addition, the new car rear adopts a slightly raised ducktail design, similar to the front surround design, the new car rear surround is also integrated with a deflector slot, to strengthen the sports attributes.
Entering the car, the new car's centre console gives a relatively neat first impression, and the overall view is more in line with the style and aesthetics of the family car market. Dual 12.3-inch screen design can bring a certain sense of technology, the internal integration of wireless CarPlay + Huawei Hicar function. At the same time, the flat-bottomed steering wheel can give the cabin a certain sporty atmosphere. At the configuration level, the new car will be equipped with an openable panoramic sunroof as well as ventilated and heated seats for the main driver's seat.
In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with the fifth generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI high-efficiency hybrid special engine and electric motor composed of plug-in hybrid system, in which the engine maximum power 115kW, maximum torque 220Nm; motor maximum power 150kW, maximum torque 310Nm; transmission system matched with the DHT150 hybrid transmission, feeder fuel consumption of 4.2L/100km ( WLTC condition), comprehensive fuel consumption is only 1L/100km. new car 0-50km/h acceleration for 3 seconds, 0-100km/h acceleration for 7 seconds, in addition to its pure electric range of more than 125km, comprehensive range of more than 1,400km, in addition, according to the official test, the wind cloud A8 comprehensive range of 1,503km.
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