Limited release of 100 Lexus RZ 450e F debuts

Release Date : 2024-01-16
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At the 2024 Tokyo Modification Show, Lexus RZ 450e F Sport Performance officially debuted.The new car is based on Lexus RZ 450e and adopts a more aggressive aerodynamic kit.
In terms of appearance, the overall outline of the new car is basically the same as that of the Lexus RZ 450e, and the upgrade changes are mainly aimed at the details.Lexus RZ 450e F Sport Performance has been retrofitted with a brand new engine compartment cover, and the bottom of the front face is also equipped with upgraded air vents. The black sports kit is supplemented by blue decoration, which has a strong visual impact.
The side transition is solid and tight, and the wide-body design shows a full sense of performance.In addition, the new car is also equipped with newly upgraded 21-inch wheels, and the internal brake calipers are painted in blue, which is consistent with the blue decoration of the vehicle.In order to further enhance the sense of movement, a large-size double spoiler was installed at the rear of the car, with the diffuser-like trim at the bottom and the pilot light, the sports atmosphere was instantly filled.
In the interior part, the new car is basically the same as the Lexus RZ 450e, with a pure black color scheme supplemented by blue decoration to create a strong sense of movement.The door welcome strip has been replaced with the “F Sport” nameplate exclusive to the limited edition model, further enhancing the recognition.
In terms of power, the new car may be equipped with the same front/rear dual-motor drive system as the Lexus RZ 450e.Among them, the maximum power of the front motor is 150kW, and the maximum power of the rear motor is 80kW, which matches the battery pack with a capacity of 71.4kWh.The official said that the DIRECT4 electronic dynamic four-wheel drive system equipped with the new car can accurately control the front/rear wheel drive distribution based on the information collected by the vehicle's wheel speed, accelerator pedal and steering angle sensor, and the distribution ratio can fluctuate freely between 0:100 and 100:0.
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