Or sell about 300,000 dark blue G318 for more information exposure

Release Date : 2024-01-31
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On January 31st, we obtained more information about a group of brand new medium and large SUVS-Dark Blue G318 from Dark Blue official.The car is positioned in the “new hard school of science and technology”. In terms of body color, the dark blue G318 has at least three car colors to choose from, namely silver, dark gray and green, to meet the aesthetic needs of different users.In terms of expansion, Dark Blue G318 provides a wealth of original expansion parts, including luggage racks, spotlights, electric pedals, spare tires, etc., with trailer qualifications.It is worth mentioning that the car may be sold for about 300,000 yuan in the future.
In terms of appearance, the car has a founder's outline and clear three-dimensional lines, creating a typical tough image.Specifically, the dark blue G318 emphasizes the cutting of metal polygons very much, and the overall design presents a completely different technological hardcore look and feel from the traditional hardcore models.At the same time, the chic headlight group is equipped with a central enclosed front grille, which makes this car look very sci-fi and fashionable.In addition, the lower enclosure is suspected to have a wild guard design.
It is worth mentioning that Dark Blue G318 also provides original roof rack spotlights to choose from, which has evolved from a traditional round shape to a hexagonal shape, bringing a new technological look and feel, not only can it provide more adequate ambient lighting during crossing or camping, but it also visually brings a stronger impact.
From the side, the car adopts the current popular hidden door handle design, with raised wheel eyebrow lines at the front and rear, which highlights the tough style while also enhancing the sense of fashion.In terms of the tail, the dark blue G318 has the theme of “The Gate of Space”. It forms the main body through the tail window glass and the black parts below. At the same time, the two sides of the volume extension meet to form a lifting structure, forming a stable and powerful support for the tail. , Coupled with the strong black bumper at the bottom, it is very recognizable and strong.
In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4915(4998)/1985/1885(1960) mm, the wheelbase is 2880mm.In terms of power, Dark Blue G318 will be equipped with a super range extender, of which the single-motor version has a maximum power of 110 kilowatts; the front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive version models, of which the front motor has a maximum power of 131kW, the rear motor has a maximum power of 185kW, and the total system power reaches 316kW.Dark Blue G318 has a curb weight of 2360kg and a maximum load of 2800kg. A little calculation shows that its tonnage power has reached 112.86kW/1000kg.In addition, Dark Blue G318 also has good expandability. The official provides luggage racks, headlamps, electric pedals, backpacks, spare tires and other original expansion parts.It is worth mentioning that the dark blue G318 four-wheel drive model has the towing qualification, and the maximum towing quality can reach 1600kg. As long as you have a C6 driver's license, you can easily tow yachts, motorboats and other water entertainment equipment, or bicycles, motorcycles and other outdoor sports equipment.
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