New Changan UNI-V starts pre-sale starting from 108,900 yuan

Release Date : 2024-02-28
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On February 27, we learned from relevant channels that the new Changan UNI-V fuel version has officially started pre-sale, with a total of 4 configuration models launched, with a pre-sale price range of 108,900-124,900 yuan. As a facelift model, it mainly upgrades the involved aspects and continues to provide fuel version and Blue Whale iDD plug-in hybrid version. In the future, the plug-in hybrid version will include six configurations. It is understood that the new car will be officially launched at the end of March.
From the side, the new car adopts a fastback body shape and continues to use hidden door handles and multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4720/1838/1430 (1435) mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750mm.
Referring to the declaration map of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the rear of the new car is equipped with the popular penetrating taillight set.The rear surround under the rear of the car is similar to the diffuser of a sports car, and the polygonal center-mounted dual-outlet exhaust is replaced, further strengthening the sporty attributes of the car.
There have been relatively few changes in the interior, and the new car will continue to adopt a 10.3-inch LCD instrument panel, a 10.3-inch central control large screen, and integrated sports seats.In terms of driver assistance functions, front and rear radars, transparent chassis, 360-degree panoramic images, lane departure warning, etc. are standard in all series.

  In terms of power, the new Changan UNI-V fuel version only provides a 1.5T engine option, the maximum power and peak torque remain unchanged at 188 horsepower and 300 nm, and the transmission system matches the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox.The plug-in hybrid version will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of a 1.5L four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 110 horsepower, the electric motor has two types of 190 and 215 horsepower, and the battery is equipped with two types of power batteries of capacity, respectively, 9.07kWh and 18.99kWh, CLTC comprehensive operating conditions pure electric range is 50 kilometers and 111 kilometers, respectively.
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