zeekr executives: Xiaomi's new car may be officially released on March 28

Release Date : 2024-02-28
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A few days ago, zeekr automotive executives said in their evaluation of Xiaomi cars, “We heard from Dao news that their car will be released on March 28”"In this regard, the automobile house asked Xiaomi for official verification. Xiaomi Automobile said: The specific time will be announced through the official channels. Please refer to the official channel information.
Regarding Xiaomi, zeekr Auto executives said, "We respect and fear Xiaomi Auto. As a leading Internet technology company, they are very powerful. Their marketing is worth learning from us. But technically, they need to learn from us. Learning." In addition, the executive also answered the rumors that zeekr is targeting Xiaomi, "As for the saying that we are targeting Xiaomi because Xiaomi poached our people, this is not actually the case. We heard from the grapevine that their car will be released on 3.28 , if we want to target them, there is absolutely no need for us to go public today. It’s not good to get 3.29, right?”

The new zeekr 001 was officially launched on February 27th. The competitiveness of the new car products has been significantly improved this time. The upgrade is equipped with an 800V high voltage system, and two batteries of 95kWh/100kWh are available. Depending on the model, there are 675, 705 and 750km versions, and lidar is also standard.The car is available in four models, with a price range of 269,000-329,000 yuan.
As Xiaomi's first product, Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a coupe model. At present, the new car has been unveiled and will be officially released in the near future.The car has a sporty appearance and a full sense of technology in the interior, and the ecology of the human-car home is also a major attraction of it.The single-motor version of the car has 299 horsepower, the dual-motor version has 673 horsepower, and the battery life is 668-800km.
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