Sold from 119,800 to 119,800, BYD YUAN PLUS GLORY edition is on the market

Release Date : 2024-03-04
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On March 4TH, WE learned from BYD's official that its compact SUV, Yuan PLUS GLORY Edition, was officially launched, and a TOTAL OF 5 configurations of THE NEW CAR WERE launched, with a price range of 119,800-147,800 yuan.At the same time, the new car also brings the appearance/interior of the Black Knight model, while upgrading the intelligent voice continuous call and the standard wide-temperature-domain high-efficiency heat pump system of all series.
In terms of appearance, the front face adopts the latest design language of the BYD family, with simple and smooth lines.At the same time, the “Yuan” carved in small seal script on the chrome-plated trim that runs through the front face is very exquisite.The lines on the side of the vehicle are full of strength, the waist line of the body is dynamic, and there is a sense of design and layering.The shape of the vehicle rims is also quite chic.
In terms of body size, refer to the current model. The length, width and height of the new car are 4455mm/1875mm/1615mm, and the wheelbase is 2720mm.At the rear of the vehicle, the penetrating taillight design has a strong degree of recognition.The C-pillar of the vehicle is very personalized, and the silver “dragon scale” decorative board is used, which has become a highlight of the rear of the vehicle.
The interior of the new car continues the current design. It is built with the concept of “rhythmic space”. The center console of the new car adopts a two-color layout. The center console with a muscular streamlined design is suspended in the middle with a dragon beard, and both sides are equipped with dumbbell-style air-conditioning air outlets and treadmill-style central armrests. It is refreshing.The entire center console maximizes the simplification of physical buttons, with only a full LCD dashboard and a 15.6-inch center control screen, equipped with DiLink 4.0 (4G) intelligent network connection system.
In terms of configuration, the car will be equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system, DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system, VTOL mobile power station, etc.In terms of power, the Yuan PLUS Champion edition will continue to be equipped with a front-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum power of the motor is 150kW, the peak torque is 310N·m, and the 0-100km/h time is 7.3 seconds.In terms of battery life, it will provide two battery versions with different capacities of 49.92 kWh and 60.48 kWh, with a corresponding range of 430km and 510km.
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