Spy photos of the electric version of the electric Macan suspected of being the Range Rover Velar

Release Date : 2024-03-05
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A few days ago, overseas media exposed a set of spy photos of a suspected electric version of the Range Rover Velar. The new car will be based on the previously released Porsche electric version of the Macan, and is expected to be equipped with 800V technology and may have a 7-seater layout. In addition, Jaguar Land Rover Group previously stated that it will launch four electric vehicles by 2026.
From the appearance, the new car is expected to use the Land Rover family-style inverted trapezoidal grille and clamshell engine hood, and the grille size appears to be larger than the current Range Rover Velar. The headlights that can be vaguely seen under the camouflage have a relatively slender shape, and the lower surround should be equipped with a new aerodynamic kit.
Viewed from the side of the body, the new car obviously looks slimmer and lower than the current fuel version of the Range Rover Velar, and even gives people the impression of a station wagon. It can be seen from the appearance design that this car has a lower center of gravity, which can bring better handling on paved roads in order to compete with the Porsche pure electric Macan, while off-road performance is not the focus.
Looking at the rear of the car, the roof line of the new car sinks slightly at the rear, giving it a more sporty feel. From the camouflage, you can vaguely see that the new car should use through-type taillights, and the roof is equipped with left and right split spoilers. In addition, there is a bump on the roof, which may be a sensor related to smart driving, or it may just be a special device for the test car.
In terms of power, the car will be driven by pure electric drive, or it will be equipped with an 800V architecture and a four-wheel drive system. Land Rover said that future pure electric vehicles will have performance that is not inferior to the Range Rover V8 model, and will have strong fording, towing and off-road performance. We will continue to pay attention to more news about new cars.
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