Many details have been upgraded, the new Denza D9 will be launched today

Release Date : 2024-03-06
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The new Denza D9 will be officially launched today (March 6). As a facelifted model, the car will mainly be upgraded for the vehicle system and configuration, such as the standard electric suction door and steering wheel heating of all series.For reference, the price range of the current Denza D9 is 349,800-660,000 yuan.
Denza D9 is positioned as a medium to large MPV. Its appearance adopts "π-Motion" potential energy aesthetics. The front grille design is very individual. The headlights on both sides are also integrated with the front grille, giving the front face of the vehicle a very powerful aura. . The pure electric version will also use a straight waterfall-shaped closed grille that is different from the hybrid version, with slim chrome strips to enhance the sense of sophistication.
The through-type LED taillight set is the most eye-catching detail at the rear of the car. The LED light strips form three patterns on the left and right sides, which are officially called "time and space shuttle star feather taillights". While improving the recognition, there are also Helps widen the horizontal visual effect of the rear of the car. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Denza D9 are 5250/1960/1920mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 3110mm.
In terms of the interior, the overall shape is consistent with the current model, and Kuangda Mi interior color matching has been added, making the overall style more home-like. In terms of configuration, the multi-function steering wheel buttons of the new model have been upgraded from touch-sensitive to physical buttons, making them more convenient to operate. At the same time, the touch panel around the gear lever has also been optimized, and the car system has been upgraded, adding functions such as a game center app and custom wake words.
In terms of power, the DM-i model is equipped with a SnapCloud plug-in hybrid dedicated 1.5T turbocharged engine with a combined power of 299 kilowatts and a combined torque of 681 Nm. The pure electric version refers to the current model, and its CLTC operating range is 600km and 620km respectively.
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