Equipped with extended-range power, the Changan Hunter pickup truck goes on sale today.

Release Date : 2024-03-07
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Time flies, time comes to March, Changan hunter pickup will be officially listed this afternoon, on the information obtained so far, the new car according to the power, configuration of different, there are more than 8 models for users to choose, the pre-sale price range of 13.99-216,900 yuan, the vehicle's most important feature is the use of the programmable hybrid powertrain, in the power, especially in terms of torque output to get the evolutionary level of enhancement.
Styling, the vehicle uses a large size grille, has a strong sense of momentum, the details of both the lines and the interior decoration, have a strong mecha style. The length / width / height of the new car standard box models are 5380 × 1930 × 1885mm, wheelbase is 3180mm; super-long box body dimensions of 5630 × 1930 × 1885mm, wheelbase is 3430mm.
Extra-long box compared to the standard box model wheelbase is 250mm, the increased length of all embodied in the cargo box part of the standard box model box size of 1600 × 1595 × 500mm, extra-long box box size of 1850 × 1595 × 500mm, load capacity of extra-long box is obviously more advantageous.
In terms of configuration, depending on the price, the vehicle provides cruise control, Amap navigation, steering assist lights, sensor wipers, voice control, vehicle OTA upgrade, leather steering wheel, LCD instrument, 40W wireless charging platform, and leather seat. Seats, seat heating, 4/6 speakers, air-conditioning rear air outlets, etc. The configuration performance is quite satisfactory according to the current pre-sale price. The most distinctive part of the vehicle is the power.
For the powertrain, the Hunter uses the JL486ZQ6 2.0T displacement engine as a range extender, with a maximum net power of 140kW.For the electric motors, the 2WD version uses a 130kW rear-mounted electric motor, while the 4WD version uses dual motors with a combination of 70kW and 130kW. In addition, the new car has a pure electric range of 180km and a combined range of 1,031km (CLTC condition). In terms of other features, the new car will support a 3.3kW external discharge function and integrate dual 220V plugs with up to 227 degrees of power reserve. In the commercial vehicle sector, the Hunter is one of the few models that are at the forefront of new energy.
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