Price starts at 171,800, all-new GAC Toyota Camry launched

Release Date : 2024-03-07
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March 6, Guangzhou Toyota new Camry (parameters | inquiry) officially listed, the new car priced at 17.18-20.68 million yuan, the listing of 2.0L gasoline version, 2.0HEV electric hybrid dual-engine version, a total of nine configurations models. At present, the show car has been arriving at showrooms around the world, and now the fastest order can be picked up in April.
The new Camry has made bold innovations in appearance and adopted the brand's latest design ideas. However, some traditional elements have also been continued, such as the layered front face design and the overall X-shaped design style. It is worth mentioning that this generation of models offers three different versions of appearance to choose from, one of which is specially designed for Chinese consumers. The differences between the models are mainly concentrated in the "big mouth" front grille. One is a honeycomb grid design, which highlights the sporty feel; the other is a diamond-shaped element design, which looks more refined. Of course, the most sporty XSE model mainly adds sports packages to the SE style to enhance the sporty style.
In terms of dimensions, the new car varies slightly depending on the styling version, with a length of 4915/4950mm, a width of 1840/1850mm, a height of 1450mm, and a wheelbase of 2825mm.
The side part of the car, the new car has distinctive muscular lines, waistline design can be regarded as one of its biggest design highlights, in addition, the sports version of the model is equipped with a chic sports style wheels, at the same time, the XSE version of the model adopts a different colour of the roof design with the body, to create a floating visual effect, it can be said to accurately hit the young user's preferences, and at the same time, it will be provided with 19-inch wheels, to further creating a sporty atmosphere.
Interior, the new Camry also did a redesign, more concise styling, the use of 12.3-inch 2K resolution of the central control screen, and in the materials to further enhance the first application of electrostatic touch air-conditioning panel, but also the application of 64-colour ambient lighting, support for the function of changing the rhythm with the beat of the music.
In terms of multimedia configuration, the new car has a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip and offers 12GB+128GB of RAM, which greatly improves the running rate of the car. At the same time, the car supports CarPlay, CarLife, HiCar mobile phone connectivity. It also supports face recognition, voiceprint recognition, visible can be said and continuous dialogue voice control, new voice control to switch the fragrance, the chip can automatically identify the fragrance. In addition, the new Camry will also be equipped with AR stylised HUD, which greatly improves the convenience of using the car.
In terms of power system, the ninth-generation Camry launched this time provides two power versions, namely a fuel version equipped with a 2.0L+CVT powertrain and a 2.0HEV version equipped with the fifth-generation THS hybrid system. The 2.0HEV is Appearing on the Camry for the first time, the system has a comprehensive power of 145kW and a fuel consumption of 4.2L/100km. Compared with the previous 2.5L pure fuel version, the 2.0HEV version will provide better driving pleasure and fuel economy performance. The 2.0L fuel version is equipped with a 2.0L engine with a maximum power of 127 kilowatts and a peak torque of 206 N·m. In the future, the 2.5HEV version will also be launched in the domestic market, and we will continue to pay attention to it.
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