The new zeekr 001 goes on sale on the 27th, with a 100/180kW power boost, dual-chamber air suspension + 800V fast charging

Release Date : 2024-03-07
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The new zeekr 001 ( Parameter | Inquiry ) will be officially launched at 20:00 on 27th February. The new car has many product power upgrades, such as the 800V high-voltage platform, dual-chamber air suspension, 8295 chip, and pure electric maximum range of 1032km.
In terms of appearance, the overall design of the new zeekr 001 has not changed much, but there are many details to look at. The front and rear are surrounded by a FR-like version, the visual effect is more sporty and radical, and lasers are added to the roof. Radar tower, it is obvious that the new car can support higher-level intelligent driving systems.
In terms of dimensions, the new zeekr 001 has a length, width and height of 4977/1999/1545 (1533) mm respectively, positioning it as a mid-size car, with a wheelbase that remains at 3005 mm. compared to the old model, the length of the body has increased and the height has decreased, and from the side, the stance of the body appears to be more slender and low-slung, and the sporty vibe has been enhanced. The new car also adds the appearance options of dark green paint and multi-spoke wheels.
Inside, the new zeekr 001 offers a 15-inch sunflower centre screen that can be angled to suit the needs of the occupants, as well as the addition of a flat-bottomed upper and lower steering wheel of the FR counterpart, which provides a sense of driving in the cabin, and physical buttons on the steering wheel to facilitate blind manoeuvring, which in my opinion is better than the touch-sensitive buttons in terms of practicality.
The car system of the new zeekr 001 has also been upgraded with a higher arithmetic power 8295 chip (the old model was an 8155 chip), and after the upgrade, the operation feeling of the centre control screen is smoother, and the system response is faster. At the same time, the AR-HUD display of the new Extreme Krypton 001 has also been upgraded to 35.5 inches, which can display a variety of information such as driver assistance, navigation, entertainment and so on.
The power system of the new Zeekr 001 has also been significantly upgraded. The rear-wheel drive version is equipped with a 310kW single motor, which is 110kW more than the old model. The four-wheel drive version is equipped with dual motors of 270kW in the front and 310kW in the rear. The overall system power is improved compared to the old model. 180kW, it only takes 3.3 seconds to reach 100 mph.
In terms of battery life, the new zeekr 001 model equipped with a 95kWh battery pack supports three battery life options of 626km, 675km and 722km; the model equipped with a 100kWh battery pack supports three battery life options of 656km, 705km and 750km. Overall, the battery life is also With certain upgrades, the new car will also provide 800V high-voltage fast charging technology, which can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in 15 minutes, reducing battery life anxiety by improving charging efficiency.
In terms of chassis, the new zeekr 001 still offers front double-wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension, but the original single-chamber air suspension is upgraded to the better-performing Magic Carpet dual-chamber air suspension, which further improves the new car's handling and comfort.

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