GAC Toyota's new Camry will be officially launched on March 6th

Release Date : 2024-03-07
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On March 6th, GAC Toyota's new Camry was officially launched. The new car adopts the brand's latest design ideas in appearance, while continuing some of the traditional elements.This generation of models provides three different looks, giving consumers more choices, and is very in line with the preferences of young users.In terms of body size, the new car is slightly different according to the different styling versions, with a length of 4915/4950mm, a width of 1840/1850mm, a height of 1450mm, and a wheelbase of 2825mm.
In terms of interior, the brand new Camry has redesigned its shape to be more concise, using a 12.3-inch 2K resolution central control screen, and it is also equipped with ambient lights that can change with the rhythm of the music.
In terms of multimedia, the new car has greatly improved the operating rate of the car machine.The car supports the mobile phone interconnection functions of CarPlay, CarLife, and HiCar.At the same time, it also supports face recognition, voiceprint recognition, and the chip can even automatically recognize fragrance.
In terms of power, the newly launched ninth-generation Camry offers two power versions, one is the fuel version and the other is the hybrid version.Among them, the 2.0 HEV version of the hybrid system will provide a better driving experience.
The brand new GAC Toyota Camry is worth looking forward to.
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