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Release Date : 2023-06-29
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Ltd. in Jinjiang recently signed a used car sales contract with a car trading company in Uzbekistan. This is the first time that Jinjiang has exported used cars, opening up an overseas sales chain for local used car sales.

  The company is one of 30 enterprises in Fujian province that have been approved to be pilot exporters of used cars. at the end of 2022, Quanzhou was approved to carry out used car export business, and 2 enterprises in Jinjiang were qualified to be piloted, and Henghao is one of them.

  Henghao is a large car sales company in Jinjiang, with a large number of sales and service resources at home and abroad. This time, Henghao had 2 used cars exported to Uzbekistan, with a total value of 300,000 RMB. Henghao used car channel responsible person Zeng prospect told reporters, at present, the second batch of 50 used cars intention orders have also been reached initially, is expected to complete the export at the end of August, the sales amount of more than 5 million yuan.

  "We are very optimistic about the used car export market, it can bring more incremental orders for the enterprise." Zeng Zhaoyuan told reporters, from the used car export market, "one belt and one road" along the market recognition of Chinese cars is very high, "the same a domestic car, in Southeast Asia, the selling price can reach several times the domestic price. The huge difference between the price of new cars also makes used car exports very profitable."

  The other used car export pilot enterprises in Jinjiang - Fujian Province Jinniu Heavy Industry Development Co. Shao Huozao, the main person in charge of the company, told reporters that currently, the company has two batches of used cars are going through the relevant export procedures, is expected to have 6 engineering dump trucks sent to the Philippines, 100 used pickup trucks exported to Libya.

  "Some developing countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions are making big infrastructures, and there is a big demand for used engineering vehicles. Seizing this wave of market dividends will help our company expand its business line from home to abroad." Shao Huozhao said.

  "The potential for the development of used vehicle exports is huge. Promoting the export of used cars is an innovative business to stabilize foreign trade efforts and an important way to promote the upgrading of domestic auto consumption." The relevant person in charge of Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that in order to encourage enterprises to grasp the first opportunity, innovative business and expand exports, Jinjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce will actively carry out the cultivation of new business mode of used car exports, guide enterprises with the ability to integrate car sources, overseas marketing channels and after-sales service guarantee ability to apply for used car export business, create new growth points for foreign trade exports, and help Jinjiang expand new space for foreign cooperation.
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