Beijing BJ40 replacement Chery Exploration 06 Ideal Pure Electric revealed

Release Date : 2023-06-29
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       Automotive event one: BMW X5 M/X6 M Thunderbolt Edition launched.
      Recently, we learned from BMW official that the new BMW X5 M/X6 M Thunder Edition is officially launched, and the guide price of the two models are 1,449,900 yuan and 1,468,900 yuan respectively.

       A few days ago, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology revealed the declaration information of a number of new vehicles, including the new generation of Beijing BJ40, and it is expected to be in full production in September.
      As can be seen, the new vehicle has been upgraded to the latest family design, which is highly similar to the current BJ60. The whole vehicle has all the classic rugged lines of an off-road SUV, with a blacked-out five-hole grille on the front and optional front radar, while the rear has been upgraded with vertical taillight clusters for a cleaner look. Power will be provided by a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 180 kW.
       Industrial waste" replacement and upgrade?

      Chery TJ-1, officially named the Quest 06

     According to official news from Chery, the new crossover SUV Chery TJ-1 has been named the Explore 06 and is expected to be launched within the year.
      As far as we know, the new car is designed as a compact SUV, focusing on "light off-road", but in terms of styling, it is new, with a thick black grille and CHERY logo into one, with split lamp clusters and personality of the front surround, earning a lot of attention. 1.5TGDI engine + 3-speed DHT hybrid system.
     Auto Big Event 4: Ideal Pure Electric design revealed, codenamed W01

The design of Ideal's first pure electric model, codenamed W01, has recently been revealed by the media and will be announced tonight (June 17) with the name to be launched in the fourth quarter.

Combined with the previously exposed spy photos of the new car in camouflage, the first pure electric model is an MPV-shaped structure, while Li said that its design is inspired by the whale, side view, the body lines are very smooth and natural, guessing that its body length is over 5.3m, while it will continue to upgrade in intelligent configuration with the launch of the ideal AD Max 3.0.

It is said to be the designer of the former Porsche 911.
Auto Event 5: Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Motor Show opens with the debut of the Discovery Sport.
Recently, the 2023 Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Motor Show officially kicked off, in which the new Land Rover Discovery Sport made its debut and will be fully launched in July.

As a facelift, the overall exterior design of the new model remains largely unchanged, with the latest family design front, which is highly recognisable, and of course, the option of different centre grille, lower surround, front and rear bumpers and wheel colour schemes. In addition to this, the interior has also been adjusted with a new centre console layout with a new chunky gear knob style.

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