Beijing BJ40 Glory Edition to be officially launched on March 18th

Release Date : 2024-03-18
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A few days ago, we learned from the official, Beijing BJ40 Glory Edition will be officially listed on March 18th. Glory Edition contains three models - Blade Hero Glory Edition, City Hunter Glory Edition and Tribute 2020 Glory Edition, providing 2.0D diesel engine + 8AT, 2.0T gasoline engine + 8AT two powertrain, to meet the needs of different consumers to buy a car.
Beijing BJ40 Glory Edition as a whole follows the design style of the previous generation of models, three versions of slightly different design details, the future and the new BJ40 sold in the same hall. The front face of the huge chrome five-hole front grille is very recognizable, and the two sides of the square shape of the headlight group with, looks very imposing.
From the side, the new car still maintains the square box design style, with straight and hard lines. Tail shape is full, tail lamps with vertical design, with external spare tire shape. Body dimensions, blade hero glory edition and city hunter glory edition for the standard axle version of the model, length, width and height were 4630 * 1925 * 1871mm, wheelbase 2745mm; tribute 2020 glory edition for the short axle version of the model, length, width and height were 4350 * 1925 * 1865mm, wheelbase 2465mm.
As a new model, its interior as a whole follows the design of the previous generation model, and the dark color scheme is in line with its tough style. In terms of configuration, leather multi-function steering wheel (debut adjustment), 12.3-inch LCD instrumentation, cruise control, manual anti-glare interior mirrors, front integrated power port, 220V power outlet in the second row, passenger seat cross-country puller, high-grade leather seats, manual 4-way adjustment for the co-pilot, electric 6-way adjustment for the driver's seat, driver's seat with four-way headrests, passenger seat with two-way headrests, driver's seat with electric lumbar support adjustment and front seat with leather wrapping. Leather-covered center armrest is standard across the lineup.
Off-road configuration, electronically controlled four-wheel drive splitter, metal anti-roll bar, black removable hardtop, lightweight front axle as standard, optional front axle electronically controlled differential locks, rear axle electronically controlled differential locks. 10.25-inch center control screen (720p) support YUE Wild Circle function, including cell phone interconnection, remote vehicle control, vehicle condition query/troubleshooting, off-road team, off-road road book, off-road teaching/site query, road rescue, anti-alarm, online violation of regulations query, off-road track record and share, etc.. Rescue, anti-theft alarm, online violation query, off-road track recording and sharing.
In terms of power, the new car will be offered with 2.0D diesel engine + 8AT and 2.0T gasoline engine + 8AT powertrain, with maximum power of 163 hp (120 kW) and 224 hp (165 kW) respectively, and peak torque of 380 Nm for both. The official fuel consumption of the diesel and gasoline versions is 9.34L/100km and 11.25L/100km respectively.
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