Starting at $179,800, the BYD Frigate 07 Pride Edition goes on sale

Release Date : 2024-03-18
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On March 18th, we learned from BYD's official that its medium-sized SUV, the Frigate 07 Glory Edition, was officially launched, and a total of 5 configurations of the new car were launched, with a price range of 179,800-259,800 yuan.In this upgrade, the Frigate 07 Glory edition added a shell white interior, and upgraded the car-machine system to the high-end version of the smart cockpit-DiLink 100.In addition, the Frigate 07 Glory Edition also standardizes all key configurations such as 6kW VTOL mobile power station, 10.25-inch full LCD instrument, and 50W mobile phone wireless charging, and brings all series to enjoy the rights of 7kW wall-mounted charging boxes and free installation, and the car experience is fully upgraded.
In terms of appearance, the Frigate 07 adopts the overall design style of the Ocean Net series, with the light-emitting BYD logo on top.The 100KM Premium, 205KM and 175KM models are also equipped with a front grille light and a D-pillar energy indicator. The car's length, width and height are 4820/1920/1750mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2820mm. its waistline is very straight, and a curved line has been added under the doors to make the side lines a bit richer. The rear of the car is a penetrating tail lamps, the interior is a three-dimensional wave shape.
The interior of the car is also family styled, with plenty of leather used and seats incorporating a wave style. The car's new car is equipped with a 15.6-inch adaptive rotating suspension Pad as standard, built-in new DiLink intelligent network system. In terms of configuration, the Frigate 07 Glory Edition is equipped with 10.25-inch LCD instrumentation as standard, and the wireless charging power of mobile phones has been upgraded to 50 W. The VTOL mobile power station, which is a popular outdoor camping tool, has been upgraded to 6 kW discharge power, while the Frigate 07 Glory Edition is equipped with factory ETC as standard, which is worth mentioning. The whole series can enjoy 7kW wall-mounted charging box and free installation rights.
The frigate 07 currently on sale offers a DM-i version and a four-wheel drive version of DM-P.Both power systems use Xiaoyun-plug-in hybrid dedicated 1.5TI engine, the maximum power of the engine is 102kW, of which the maximum power of the motor in the two-wheel drive version is 145kW; the four-wheel drive version adopts the newly developed rear-drive three-in-one assembly, the maximum total power of the dual motors is increased to 295kW, and the maximum total torque is 656N·M.At the same time, according to the official statement, with the blessing of DM-i/DM-p super hybrid technology, the Frigate 07 Glory version provides a pure electric range of up to 205km (NEDC operating conditions), power loss and fuel consumption as low as 5.3L/100km, and a comprehensive range of more than 1200 kilometers at full oil and full power.In addition, all Frigate 07 Glory Edition series come standard with FSD frequency variable damping shock absorbers and independent suspension of the rear four connecting rods.
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