JAC Yttrium for 3 Beloved Edition will be officially launched on 30 March!

Release Date : 2024-03-21
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Recently, we learned from the official, JAC Yttrium for 3 beloved edition will be officially listed on 30 March. Yttrium for 3 is a pure electric sedan based on the DI platform, using CTB body battery integration technology. The beloved version of the model will add 330km range version, the price is also expected to enter the 70,000 yuan range.
In terms of appearance, the Yttrium 3 Beloved Edition still focuses on the "bubble universe aesthetics", with 137 LED light beads in the front angel's eye, making it look small and cute. At the same time, the new car also adopts the closed front grille used by pure electric vehicles, and with the inverted trapezoidal air intake below, so that the recognition of this car has been very well enhanced.
On the side of the body, the car lines are simple and rounded, with double five-spoke wheel shape, the visual effect is smooth. Body dimensions, yttrium for 3 length, width and height of 4025mm, 1770mm, 1560mm, wheelbase of 2620mm, body dimensions are the same as the current model. Tail, the car adopts a larger size of the rounded rectangular tail lamp group, with embedded licence plate area, visual hierarchy is rich.
In terms of power, the current Yttrium 3 is equipped with two motors with maximum power of 70kW and 100kW, maximum torque of 135/175N-m, 41kWh and 51.5kWh Li-FePO4 battery packs, and two range options of 405km and 505km. This time, Yttrium will add a 330km range version for the 3 Beloved Edition.
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