All-new Volkswagen Maiden revealed on 25 April

Release Date : 2024-03-21
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A few days ago, we obtained a set of actual car pictures of FAW-Volkswagen's all-new Maiteng, officially called the all-new Maiteng B9, which will be unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show on 25 April from relevant sources. The new car adopts a new exterior and interior design, and will be equipped with DJI's newly released intelligent driving programme. The car will be available in 1.5T four-cylinder and 2.0T power options in the future. The design of the new Maittens B9 comes from legendary designer Marco Pavone, who is currently Volkswagen's Director of Exterior Design. Since its introduction to China in 2007, the Maeteng has maintained the standards of the German prototype in terms of powertrain, chassis tuning, electrical architecture and body structure, and has gained more than 2 million units in total sales with outstanding product quality.
Appearance, the new car adopts a new family design style, narrow front grille and both sides of the headlight group connected, the centre is equipped with a penetrating chrome trim, so that the front looks wider and more atmospheric. From the previously exposed pictures, the central Volkswagen brand LOGO can be lit, and the two sides have a penetrating light band, which is very good to enhance the sense of technology. The lower part of the front end is equipped with chrome accents and a deflector channel shape to further enhance the sense of sportiness.
From the side of the body, the car has a waistline running from the front wheelbrow to the tail lamps, with a new style of two-colour large-size wheels, the overall sense of sport. Tail, the car adopts a penetrating tail lamp, Volkswagen LOGO can also be lit, with the lower red reflective strip, very good to enhance the sense of hierarchy of the rear of the car. Body dimensions, the new car length, width and height are 4990/1854/1487mm, wheelbase is 2871mm.
The new Maiteng interior changes are more significant, the new car is equipped with a full LCD instrumentation, a large floating centre control screen and a passenger entertainment screen three large screens, in terms of technology does not lose out in the sense of the new car-making forces now. The new car adopts the pocket gear design, and the lower part of the centre console leaves more storage space. In addition, the new car will be significantly upgraded in terms of intelligence, will be equipped with DJI's newly released intelligent driving programme.
In terms of power, according to the previous declaration information, the new Maiden will provide a 1.5T four-cylinder engine and a 2.0T engine for consumers to choose from, with the former having a maximum power of 118 kilowatts and the latter having a maximum power of 162 kilowatts.
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