Dongfeng Citroën Versailles C5 X Travel Unusual launched today

Release Date : 2024-04-01
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 On the evening of 1 April, the 2024 Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X will go on sale, with a new "Touring Unusual" trim level, which will feature some upgrades to the exterior and interior, with 22 additional upgrades. The Versailles C5 X is positioned as a mid-size car, but it combines the common advantages of sedans, SUVs and station wagons, and belongs to a crossover model.
Appearance, Versailles C5 X travel extraordinary whole system new and European synchronous Eclipse blue night blue car colour, its front face with Citroen family classic double-bar grille, and extended to the split headlights on both sides. Model size, the new car length, width and height of 4805/1865/1505mm, wheelbase 2785mm.
The new vehicle features a streamlined design with front and rear slightly protruding body side fenders and wide black wheelarches, along with a two-tone body and hidden A, B and C pillar design, giving the new vehicle a futuristic look. Red trim strips are used to accent the vehicle's front wings and doors. The new car also adopts 9-inch diamond-cut Far Hills black five-spoke wheels with black floating roof + aluminium alloy luggage racks for a more individual and sporty look. The rear triangular window is intermingled with flowing hollow silkscreen, exclusive HYPNOS inlaid customisation logo and C5 X exclusive logo, with chrome trimmed anti-scratch stripes, adding a sense of sophistication and high class.
The rear of the vehicle, similar to a station wagon, boasts a larger boot, while two nice spoilers add a sporty feel, and the beautiful taillights are recognisable. The rear bumper shows crossover elements.
Inside, the car will feature light-coloured leather fabric with new Tsukimi Grey style leather seats, with grey Alcantara in and around the seat headrests, and red Hypnos special edition labels. In the centre console, the car is trimmed with inlaid wood and also boasts metallic trim accents.
Features include Dongfeng Citroën's newly upgraded C-Connect 3.0 intelligent internet system, adaptive cruise control, 360-degree panoramic video, front radar, sensor electric tailgate, heated/ventilated front seats, 10-speaker audio system, retractable trunk partition, trunk floor rails, stainless steel door sill trims for the trunk, and power supply for the trunk.
In terms of power, it is expected that the new car will be equipped with a 1.6T + 8AT power combination. For reference, the current model is equipped with a 1.6T turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which can output a maximum power of 129kW and a maximum torque of 250N-m. The transmission system is mated to an 8-speed manual gearbox.

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