Beijing Auto Show Launch 2024 NIO ET7 Opens for Reservations

Release Date : 2024-04-16
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 On April 16th, Azalea officially announced that the 2024 NIO ET7 model opens for booking, and the new car will be officially launched on April 25th during the Beijing Auto Show.The 2024 NIO ET7 continues the design of the current model as a whole, but it will be upgraded in six major aspects.
First, let's look at the exterior, the 2024 model has a new Moon Glow Silver color scheme, which provides a new interpretation of the ET7's sense of calm business and elegant sportiness. The new 21-inch multi-spoke wheels with ten-spoke styling are paired with Michelin Pilot Sport EV high-performance tires to provide a better balance between value and performance. In addition, the new car also adds the "EXECUTIVE EDITION" signature tail mark. In terms of body dimensions, the new car's length, width and height are 5101mm long, 1987mm wide and 1509mm high, with a wheelbase of 3060mm.
In terms of NIO ET7 interior, the new car has a new "Pamir Brown" interior theme, which is paired with a dark gray microfiber velvet roof, making the entire cabin environment more business sense of excellence. In addition, the upper end of the instrument panel has increased the area of soft covering, and the design of the HUD articulation part has been optimized to enhance the sense of tactile and visual refinement of the interior. The volume of the interior forward-facing sensing hardware module is optimized by 7% to enhance the sense of openness of the front windshield; the tactile sensation of the front central armrest is optimized, and the size of the rear central channel opening is increased by 26%, making it more convenient to use. In addition, the 2024 models use stain-resistant and anti-bacterial treatment fabrics as well as innovative eco-friendly materials.
Another major point of the new car is the adoption of the new Flying Executive seats, which are the same source as the ET9, and support 18-way power adjustment in the front row, with rear cushion lift. Chair backrest tilt maximum 82 °, with the screen state backrest tilt maximum 54 °, in a key to enjoy the mode, the cushion tail automatically lift (from 50 degrees that is the beginning of automatic adjustment), better support for the buttocks, lying posture more comfortable.

The rear row adopts dual independent seats and supports 14-way electric adjustment, while the flyaway headrests have also been upgraded. The rear seats also renew the cup seat sliding trip function, a key to open, backrest angle from the standard position of 27 ° to 37 ° adjustment. At the same time, the new car also has a class-exclusive hot stone massage, providing a new 5 seat massage modes: back, lumbar, Thai, rest, gentle. As a Flying Class seat, its heating can distinguish between the cushion and the backrest, realizing the independent opening or closing of different zones.
For the smart experience, the 2024 NIO ET7 features a two-screen layout in the rear with two 14.5-inch OLED HD display screens with 3K HD resolution. The new model also debuts the NIO Link multi-screen super conference, which allows users to automatically stream the conference from their NIO Phone cell phone to the car's screen when they get on the car, and connect up to 2 pairs of Bluetooth headsets for private calls.
The car also features an enhanced 7.1.4 immersive sound audio system with the most speakers in its class with 23 speakers and up to 2230W of power, upgraded light waterfall ambient lighting, a black and gray base color intelligent zoned dimming canopy, and an 8295P Performance Edition cockpit chip are all equipped on the 2024 model.The NOMI GPT is officially on board as well, with upgraded Q&A chat capabilities. Enhanced Horizontal View Display HUD upgraded to 16.3 inches 
In terms of power, the car is equipped with a silicon carbide high-efficiency electric drive platform, standard with an intelligent dual-motor four-wheel drive system, with a maximum power of 480kW, a maximum torque of 850Nm, and an acceleration of 0-100km/h in only 3.8 seconds. Equipped with three types of battery packs, 75kWh, 100kWh and 150kWh, the CLTC range is 550km, 705km and 1050km, respectively. the new car offers 5 regular driving modes + 5 scenario driving modes. Meanwhile, things like air suspension, ISS Intelligent Comfort Brake System, and Azera AI Intelligent Chassis are still present on the car.
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