Priced at $179,800 New Lynkco 08 EM-P model launched

Release Date : 2024-04-17
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   On April 17th, Lynk & Co. 08 EM-P 120 Long battery Life Plus version model was officially launched, with a price of 179,800 yuan.This car comes standard with a Ningde Times 21.2kWh battery pack, with a pure battery life of 120km and a comprehensive range of 1200km.
Although the price has dropped to within 200,000 yuan, the configuration of the vehicle has not shrunk. Flyme Auto is still equipped with the car. At the same time, it adopts two first-made 7nm “Longying No. 1” car-grade 5G chips. The Carlink function can also support the interconnection of more mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, etc. With the car.Of course, in addition to the 120km version, if you have requirements for pure battery life or performance, you can also choose other 220 or 245km versions.
   In terms of exterior design, Lynk & Co. 08 EM-Phas the beauty of simplicity and fashion, which fits the aesthetic needs of young consumers.The front face continues to follow the family-style design style, and the unique and iconic headlight group is eye-catching and highly personalized; the stretched headlight group design significantly enhances recognition.The dark air intake grille below shows a strong domineering style.
   The interior of Lynk & Co 08 EM-P presents an excellent luxury atmosphere, especially the use of soft materials in a large area of the car, which enhances the touch and visual experience.Equipped with a three-spoke sports steering wheel, a 15.4-inch large screen and a 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard, it creates a strong technological atmosphere.
   The side curves of the body are plump and generous, with invisible handles, borderless door design, 19-inch sports wheels and suspended roof design to enhance the sense of movement.The overall shape of the tail is full and full of tension, and the taillights are designed in a crystal style, which is quite ornamental; the dark surround design at the bottom adds a sporty atmosphere.
 Lynk & Co. 08 EM-P is equipped with Ssangyong Eagle No. 1 car smart chip, and it is also equipped with LYNK Flyme Auto car smart System to bring drivers an excellent car experience.In terms of intelligent configuration, Linke 08 EM-P has built-in technological functions such as car networking, facial recognition, 5G network, and speech recognition control; its driver assistance system has reached the L2 level, with original 360° panoramic image + transparent image + blind spot image on the side of the car, full-speed adaptive cruise and other functions, with active braking, parallel line assistance, lane keeping assistance and many other practical functions.
  Lynk & Co. 08 EM-P seats are made of top-of-the-line leather, which has reached a high level of materials and production technology. The ride comfort is good, the padding is rich, and the flanks provide ideal wrapping support.The front seats are equipped with a wealth of functions, such as seat heating, ventilation and massage; the performance of the rear seats is equally satisfactory, and the long seat cushions ensure leg support. It is worth mentioning that Lynk & Co. 08 EM-P also provides massage function in the rear seats, which is rare in the same class of models.
  In terms of safety, Lynk & Co. 08 EM-P comes standard with safety facilities such as front-row dual airbags, front-row side airbags, and side safety air curtains.At the same time, advanced technologies such as 2000MPa thermoformed steel and integrated thermoformed boron steel door knocker are also used to ensure outstanding safety performance for drivers.
    Lynk & Co. 08 EM-P adopts a 3-speed gearbox and supports 4 driving modes. Below 88km/h in the super range extension mode, priority is given to electric direct drive; above 88km/h, priority is given to oil parallel drive, which automatically realizes the best balance between energy consumption and performance.In addition, in order to solve the pain point of “nodding” at the start and stop of new energy, a shock absorber return spring is also added to provide additional support and cushioning to enhance the car experience.
  Lynk & Co. 08 EM-P 120 long battery life Halo is equipped with a BHE15-BFZ hybrid dedicated engine + front motor + 3-speed DHT hybrid dedicated gearbox.The comprehensive power of the system can reach 280 kilowatts, and the comprehensive torque of the system can reach 615 nm.In the actual test drive experience, Lynk & Co. 08 EM-P showed strong power output and superior acceleration performance.Its response speed is extremely fast, whether it is starting or overtaking at high speed, it can provide sufficient power.In addition, during the entire acceleration process, Lynk & Co 08 EM-P showed excellent stability and tranquility, improving driving quality.More importantly, the car's minimum power loss and fuel consumption is only 5.5 liters/100 kilometers, and its energy economy is superior.With reference to the 120 kilometers of pure electric range of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the comprehensive range of CLTC has reached 1,200 kilometers.

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