Or priced in the 500,000 range, revealing some configurations of Leopard 8

Release Date : 2024-04-19
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On April 19, we obtained some configuration information of its large SUV, Leopard 8, from the official Fangfang Leopard. The new car has been unveiled previously and will officially meet consumers at the Beijing Auto Show, which opened on April 25. It is understood that this car was born on the DMO super hybrid off-road platform, equipped with a 2.0T high-power engine, equipped with Yunnan-P active hydraulic body control system and Tianshen Eye high-end intelligent driving assistance system. In the future, it will support urban and high-speed NOA . And it provides 6-seater and 7-seater versions for consumers to choose from. It is worth mentioning that the future price of the car may be in the range of 500,000, and it is expected to be launched in the third quarter. At the same time, as new cars are launched, they will form a "358 group" with Leopard 3 and Leopard 5 to meet consumers' different car purchasing needs and improve brand sales performance.

According to officials, the design of Leopard 8 is inspired by the diverse future universe, drawing inspiration from the sturdy and versatile "starship" delivery system to create "future starship aesthetics." Looking at the details, the interior of the large grille is decorated with three-strip chrome, the headlights on both sides are connected to the grille, and the center of the hood is significantly recessed to enhance the sense of power. At the same time, the bumper of Leopard 8 continues to use family-style lock elements to enhance its sense of strength.

Viewed from the side of the body, the car features a water tangent extending from the hood and a suspended roof. While taking into account the visibility of the occupants, the window ratio is controlled at 3:1. Together with the wide body and strong shoulders, the car is muscular. Full of feeling. At the rear, the Leopard 8's wrap-around spare wheel cover design is inspired by planetary rings, and combined with the unique taillight groups on both sides, it is highly recognizable.
According to reports, in terms of body size, the Fangbao Baobao 8 is about 5200mm long (with spare tire), about 2000mm wide, over 1900mm tall, and has a wheelbase of 2920mm. It is positioned as a large SUV. In terms of power, the new car adopts the DMO off-road platform and continues the four core off-road configurations to balance power, fuel consumption, safety and comfort. At present, the official has not released specific parameter information, and we will follow up further in the future.
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