2024 Beijing Auto Show: Toyota bZ3C debuted and released

Release Date : 2024-04-25
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At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Toyota bZ3C was officially unveiled. This car can be regarded as a mass-produced version of the Smart Cross-border concept car. It is expected to be domestically produced by FAW Toyota in the future and will be officially launched within one year.

In terms of appearance, the new car uses the Reboot keyword as the design concept, and the front face continues to use the "C"-shaped headlight design, showing a strong aggressiveness. The design of the front bumper is exactly the same as that of the new Prius, with a sharper shape in the fog lamp area to enhance the sporty feel.

On the side of the body, Toyota bZ3C has a coupe-like design, and the tail line is very smooth, which enhances the youthful atmosphere. In addition, the new car is also equipped with low wind resistance wheels, hidden door handles, lidar, etc.

The lines at the rear of the car are rich in layers, and the long and narrow taillights combined with the segmented rear spoiler make the rear look very sci-fi. The rear surround is also very interesting.

In terms of the interior, the color scheme of the new car is very adrenaline-stimulating. The flat center console is equipped with a floating central control screen, a wireless charging storage compartment for mobile phones is provided below, and certain physical buttons are retained at the rear. The steering wheel adopts a double-spoke design, with a narrow-screen instrument panel in front of it.
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