First all-electric SUV Geely Galaxy E5 makes debut

Release Date : 2024-05-13
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 On 13 May, Geely Galaxy E5 officially welcomed its debut, which is Geely Galaxy's first globalised model developed simultaneously for both domestic and overseas markets, as well as its first all-electric SUV.Galaxy E5 is based on the GEEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture, and adopts the CTB battery-body integration, the Galaxy 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive, the Divine Shield Short Blade Battery, and the Flyme Auto car system, among others. It is positioned as a compact SUV, and its future domestic price is expected to be in the range of 150,000-200,000 yuan, and the listing will be completed in the second half of the year.
   In terms of appearance, the Galaxy E5 adopts the tiger face bionic design, LED headlamps look glaring, and the C-shaped daytime running lights below are designed to mimic a tiger's whiskers to enhance visual impact. In addition, the actual model adopts a closed grille, but Geely Galaxy's signature ripples of light - rhythmic grille design will also continue to be retained, appearing in the high end models. In terms of body colours, the new car will be available in six options: Haengliao Red, Evening Cherry Pink, Morning Mist Grey, Celestial Green, Aurora White and Fluorescent Silver.
 Come to the side, the new car shape is very compact, and by a number of curved surfaces to form the visual effect of light and shadow interlacing. The Galaxy E5 measures 4615/1901/1670mm in length, width and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2750mm, and is equipped with low-wind-resistance wheels and 235/50 R19 tyres.The rear of the car adopts a through-type taillight design, which creates a 3D effect internally, and is very recognisable when lit up. In addition, the car's C-pillar corner window design is also innovative, which can help improve the rear passenger's line of sight.
Come to the car, Galaxy E5 once again returned to a more traditional design style, by the floating centre control screen + LCD instrumentation + HUD composed of three screens in the car, the centre control screen will be built-in Flyme Auto car system, and equipped with the first domestic car-grade 7nm car chip Dragon Eagle I. The screen below retains the knobs and some physical buttons for easy operation, the steering wheel adopts a regular flat-bottomed shape. Below the screen retains the knob and some physical buttons for easy operation, the steering wheel adopts an irregular flat-bottomed shape, and the interior colour offers three choices of cloud white, neon rainbow and twilight blue.
The seats in the car are made of two materials splicing, the front seats will be equipped with 6-way electric adjustment as standard, and the high end models also have heating, ventilation, massage and memory functions; the back of the rear seats also support 30°/35° two-stage adjustment to enhance the comfort of the ride. In addition, the car is equipped with 33 storage space, and supports a variety of space combinations, enriching the life scene. In terms of comfort, the new car will also be equipped with a 16-speaker (with headrest speakers) WANOS audio system.
In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with an 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive system, the maximum power of the motor 160kW, but the specific performance and range performance need to wait for the official further revealed.

Because the price has not yet been officially announced, so from the current product characteristics, Geely Galaxy E5's main competitors will be around BYD Yuan PLUS and AION Y Plus. In comparison, Galaxy E5 has certain advantages in intelligent and comfortable configuration, in addition, as a reference, Yuan PLUS range of 430 and 510km, AION Y Plus provides 310-610km options, so Galaxy E5 can bring surprises in the performance of the range, to further enhance the interest of consumers? Let's look forward to it together.

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