Using concept car design, Lynk & Co ZERO renderings are previewed!

Release Date : 2024-05-15
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 Lynk & Co ZERO is the mass-produced version of The Next Day concept car. Everyone has very high expectations for the new car. Many of its styling designs are inspired by The Next Day. Needless to say, the concept car is explosive. As a mass-produced version of ZERO, how long does it look like? What does it look like? Recently, the undisguised spy photos of Lynk & Co ZERO's real car have finally been exposed. Although it does not show all the details of the vehicle, it can be regarded as the first time that the mystery has been unveiled.
Let me briefly introduce the vehicle information. As the brand's first pure electric sedan, Lynk & Co ZERO is produced on the same platform as Jikrypton 001 and is positioned as a medium to large pure electric flagship sedan. According to Chen Xiaofei, deputy general manager of Lynk & Co Auto Sales Co., Ltd., "The Lynk & Co ZERO model is being tested in Huangshan. Please wait a moment, we will definitely adjust it to the best state for you! You can trust the dynamic control adjustment Lynk & Co has won six WTCR championships in five years. "It is reported that Lynk & Co ZERO will use the full design of Meizu Unbounded Flyme Auto, and the new car is expected to be officially released in the first half of the year.
The first concept car of Lynk & Co brand is Concept CCC. Stefan Rosén, President of Lynk & Co Design Center, said in a previous interview: "It was from that concept car that we added some detailed designs. It can be said that CCC led us in many subsequent The trend of detailed design.” Regarding the definition of Lynk & Co’s appearance style, Stefan Rosén also gave the answer, “The design of Lynk & Co is more like the clothes you wear when spending leisure time with your family and friends. It won't be a business suit, but sneakers and jackets. "Of course, the appearance and style are more subjective. I wonder if you have felt this kind of atmosphere on Lynk & Co ZERO? Lynk & Co's The Next Day concept car can be seen as the design language of the brand's second-generation pure electric model after Concept CCC. Lynk & Co's ZERO is the first pure electric production model with this design language.
In terms of appearance, the overall appearance of Lynk & Co ZERO is inspired by the urban opposition aesthetic design concept of Lynk & Co's The Next Day concept car. The entire body is inspired by the sunrise, showing the changing light and shadow of the city from dawn to early morning. The through-type daytime running lights of the new car are called the light of dawn, and the design concept comes from the scene where the sunlight diffuses from the horizon. For example, the "double parallel lines" used on the daytime running lights are one of Lynk & Co's most recognizable designs. These parallel lines are reused in many places on the body. For example, the lines on the engine cover are also parallel. Rather than tapering from the front end like many other models.
The front apron of Lynk & Co ZERO also adopts a simple design, with a straight LED light strip and sharp lines and corner shapes, continuing the design features of The Next Day. The shape changes formed by the bulging fenders on both sides and the engine cover can also see some extremely kryptonian shadows.
From the side of the body, it has a fastback shape similar to the Lynk & Co 07 EM-P, but the larger body size makes the roof and tail lines more stretched. It is reported that Lynk & Co ZERO is expected to be over 5 meters in length, about 2 meters in width, and about 3 meters in wheelbase. The overall lines on the side of the car are simple and smooth, with the waistline running through the front and rear light groups, and the ribs at the door below also play a good role in lifting the shape, creating a wider tail shape. In addition, the line at the rear window adopts an upward design, which is also the most recognizable part of the Lynk & Co family design.
 The car will also use a floating roof design, the body also does not have too much metal chrome embellishment, the body and black roof contrast, showing a good sense of movement and clear and bright visual perception. Wheel rims, due to the exposure of the spy photos in different shapes, the current effect diagrams we use the previous camouflage spy photos similar to the Link 07 EM-P styling design, roughly five-spoke style, and through the sharp lines connected, shaped like a rose.
The rear of the car adopts a tough ladder turn and the front face for a good echo, the lower enclosure also adopts the same body colour and black collocation, and will be similar to the shape of the exhaust tailpipe into it. The LED light strips are hidden under the rear spoiler, and the H-shaped taillight details are more ‘flattering’ due to the greater angle of inclination of the tailgate, which I personally think is more coordinated compared to the Link 07 EM-P. The pixel-like LED light source inside the light clusters also highlights the Link's unique style.
In addition, what everyone is most concerned about is the openable rear spoiler. There have been many speculations about its location and shape before, but according to the latest spy photos, the spoiler will be located at the end of the rear of the car and is relatively large in size. Big, even the original duck tail twist has been classified as part of the spoiler. The car's roof will also be equipped with a huge canopy, connected to the rear window, to alleviate the sense of oppression in the rear caused by the fastback shape.
In terms of configuration, referring to previously officially announced information, Lynk & Co ZERO will be equipped with an AI digital chassis (CDC electromagnetic suspension, dual-chamber air suspension), and will have wheel-side electric drive + rear-wheel steering functions, which can realize tank U-turns and crab walking. Wait for driving mode. The new car will be built based on the 800V architecture and equipped with the self-developed E05 car chip. Its computing power is ahead of the Qualcomm 8295 chip, and lidar will not be absent. In addition, the Lynk & Co brand will also launch a pure electric SUV this year, which will be produced on the same platform as the zeekr X.

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