Pre-sale of 219,900 yuan to go on sale in September ONVO L60 unveiled

Release Date : 2024-05-16
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   On 15 May, ONVO, the second brand of Azera Motors, was officially launched, while its first medium-sized SUV, ONVO L60, completed its debut and announced its pre-sale price. The new car, with a pre-sale price of 219,900 yuan, will be listed and delivered in September. According to the official said, its brand Ledao means ‘the family is happy, the family has the way’, and the brand LOGO means ‘is an upward road, implying a happier, better, more prosperous life journey’.
 In terms of appearance, Ledo L60 is designed by former Bentley designer Raul Pires, adopting the design concept of WAY UP, combining with its positioning as a family car, the symbolism is very beautiful. Specifically, the new car adopts a closed front grille, below which is a large trapezoidal air intake, together with the two sides of the C-shaped guide groove, presenting a strong visual tension. At the same time, the car's headlight group adopts a split structure, above the L-shaped daytime running lights as a lamp brow style, below the high and low beam groups into one, and adopts the ultra-thin design, looks very futuristic. In addition, the new car's front hatch also features a bulging rib design to strengthen the power attribute.

   From the side view of the body, the car has shorter front and rear overhangs, coupe-style roofline, large front and rear bulging wheelbars, low visual centre of gravity, and swooping stance, showing a strong sense of sportiness on the side. At the same time, the car is also equipped with similar petal-shaped low wind resistance wheels, with hidden door handles, wind resistance coefficient of Cd 0.229 (as a reference, the Tesla Model Y wind resistance coefficient of Cd 0.236), for the extension of the vehicle range to play a certain role.
   At the same time, Ledo L60 does not use floating roof shape, but for the window trim smoked treatment, to enhance the vehicle's sense of sophistication. Body dimensions, length, width and height of 4828/1930/1616mm, wheelbase of 2950mm, positioned as a medium-sized SUV.

Tail, the new car overall shape is very sexy, upward ducktail design to show the performance style, while the tail lamp shape does not use the current popular through the shape, but the shape of the slightly narrow design, with embedded trapezoidal licence plate area and the following black bumper, the visual sense of hierarchy is outstanding. It is worth mentioning that the car will have a hatchback tailgate, opening and closing angle is very large, convenient for loading cargo. In terms of boot space performance, according to officials, the Ledo L60 can put down two 28-inch + two 24-inch + one 20-inch suitcases to meet the needs of families travelling with five people to place their luggage.
   The new car adopts the front MacPherson + rear five-link independent suspension, with FSD variable damping suspension, turning diameter is only 10.8 m. At the same time, the car intelligent driving part, according to the official said Ledao L60 can do delivery can be used for pure visual intelligent driving solutions, its whole system is equipped with 30 high-performance sensing hardware, which contains a 4D imaging millimetre-wave radar, the furthest detection distance up to 370m; 7 8 megapixel HD camera forward the furthest detection distance of 687m; 4 starlight 360-degree camera as low as 12lux illumination can still be seen clearly. The 8.0 megapixel HD camera, the farthest forward detection distance is 687m; 4 starlight 360-degree camera, as low as 12lux illumination can still be seen clearly.
 In terms of safety, Ledo L60 comes standard with a high-strength member protection bin and a chassis protection bin, and more than 45 safety configurations such as 2000Mpa ultra-high-strength steel, collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and blind-zone monitoring, which fully protects the safety of the members and the battery.
   In terms of interior, Ledo L60 will adopt the design concept of the embracing comfort space, and it will be equipped with a 17.2-inch 3K retina-grade central control screen (the screen adopts the DCI-P3 colour gamut standard, with a 10bit colour depth, capable of displaying 1.07 billion colours, with a peak screen brightness of more than 12,000nits, and with anti-reflective, fingerprint-resistant and anti-glare features, and with a screen with 3 equal sides of 5.35mm), and with a 16:10 presentation ratio, together with the minimalist design of the central console, which also greatly enhances the vehicle's driving comfort. ), and has a 16:10 presentation ratio, with a minimalist style of the centre console design, in order to meet the needs of daily use of the car at the same time, but also greatly enhance the driving comfort of the vehicle. At the same time, the new car will also be equipped with ring cabin light waterfall ambient lighting, 13-inch HUD head-up display.
  The new car is equipped with Ledo's own seats with silver ion antibacterial technology, front seats that can be folded down to form a comfortable recliner, a rear row that can be folded down proportionally by 4-2-4, and an 8-inch entertainment control screen in the rear. In addition, the morning orange seat belts further add a youthful and lively atmosphere to the interior.
  In terms of power, all Ledao models will be developed based on Azera's third-generation technology platform NT3.0, and will share the power-swapping network with Azera. Specifically, the Ledao L60 will be based on the 900V silicon carbide platform for the whole series, and will adopt the BaaS battery leasing programme, with 75kWh and 100kWh battery packs for daily commuting, and 150kWh battery packs that can be replaced by power swapping for long-distance trips, with ranges of 555km, 730km and 1,000+km respectively.
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