Are pure electric vehicles ushering in a big counterattack?

Release Date : 2024-05-21
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The 2024 Beijing Auto Show is in full swing. This auto show is also nicknamed the CEO Show. Of course, on the public day, we will definitely not see the big guys again. However, there are more than 200 new cars at this auto show, which are still worth seeing. There is also a very interesting phenomenon that we will talk about together.

I once firmly believed that although pure electric vehicles are developing rapidly, they mainly occupy high ground in civilian vehicles. In some special scenarios, fuel vehicles still have their irreplaceability. However, at this Beijing Auto Show, I suddenly discovered that some of the proud areas of fuel vehicles are also beginning to be filled with pure electric vehicles. For example, the pure electric G-Class, Formula Leopard SUPER 9 and Denza Z9 GT, etc.
◆Hardcore SUV: Mercedes-Benz G 580, etc.
First, let’s look at the off-road industry. Among hard-core SUVs, different price points and different levels of the market have their own magic cars that have the right to speak. The same thing is that these magic cars are all fuel vehicles. Even products from brands such as Yangwang, Fangbao and Tank all retain the existence of internal combustion engines. Until the eve of this Beijing Auto Show, the Mercedes-Benz G 580 (pure electric G-Class) officially made its world debut. It made me feel for the first time that the right to speak in this segment is likely to be transferred to the hands of pure electric vehicles. .
I don’t know if you have seen the launch of the Mercedes-Benz G 580. I happened to be at the scene at that time. A G 580 was parked on the top of a 35-degree artificial slope and slowly drove down, stayed for a moment, backed up, and drove down again. Pay attention to the screen at the back. The water of the waterfall also flows in the opposite direction according to the direction of the car. Although it is only a small detail, the impact on me at the time was like "far ahead". After driving to the surface, I came to a 720-degree G-TURN in an understatement. There was no word during the whole process, but at that time, a sentence suddenly appeared in my mind: In the hardcore SUV market, pure electric vehicles can do better.
Let’s talk about the product next. G 580 uses four-wheel motor technology, which consists of 4 independently controllable wheel motors and 4 electric two-speed gearboxes. The maximum comprehensive power is 432kW, the peak torque is 1164N·m, 0- The acceleration time to 100km/h is 4.7 seconds (the new G 63’s acceleration time is 4.3 seconds). It is equipped with a 116kWh battery pack and has a range of about 570km under CLTC conditions.
In addition, it also retains the "traditional three-piece set": electric virtual differential lock + non-load-bearing body + electric low-speed off-road gear, with a wading depth of up to 850 mm and 100% (45-degree) gradeability. On the control buttons of the three locks on the fuel vehicle, the G 580 has also been replaced with three new functions that it is proud of, namely off-road crawl (intelligent off-road crawling mode): cruising at three fixed speeds The method selects forward or backward during climbing or downhill; G-STEERING: locks the inner rear wheel through the wheel motor to reduce the turning radius; G-TURN: makes a U-turn on the spot.
It can be said that what a fuel vehicle can do, the G 580 can do it better, smoother and more delicately. At the same time, it can also complete some things that a fuel vehicle cannot do. It is precisely because of this that I see pure electric vehicles replacing fuel vehicles. car possible. As for the price, the current overseas price of this car starts at 142,600 euros, or about 1.1 million yuan. It will be officially launched in China in the second half of the year, so let’s look forward to it.
Of course, in addition to the Mercedes-Benz G 580, there are also many hardcore pure electric SUVs at the auto show. This HUMMER EV appeared on Dolanger's booth. It can be said to be the earliest hard-core off-road SUV. It will be equipped with a three-motor e4WD drive system with a maximum power of 830 horsepower and an acceleration time of 0-96km/h in only 3.5 seconds. , is also equipped with four-wheel steering technology and has a crab mode.
In terms of Chinese brands, Mengshi Technology brought a number of official modified models of Mengshi 917 to this auto show, but the most noteworthy one is the newly released M HUNTER concept car. The pre-sale price of this car starts at 3.68 million. It is aimed at top extreme off-road players. It is China's first model with a wheel torque exceeding 20,000 Nm. It is also equipped with military-grade chassis lifting technology (wheel reducer), 37-inch tires and aviation-grade carbon fiber covering. Files and so on, absolutely ruthless character!
For something more people-friendly, you can also pay attention to the Fangbao SUPER 3 concept car. Although the power information of this car is still relatively rare, it is also built on BYD's DMO off-road platform and is a pure electric model. In the future, it will Let’s wait for the arrival of the production car together with what functions it has. The last one is iCAR V23, which has a very retro and hard-core exterior design and will be equipped with dual-motor four-wheel drive. As for whether it can become a divine car like Jimny in the field of electric vehicles, we still need to wait for its dynamic experience. Then make a conclusion later.

In fact, from a technical point of view, it is a matter of course that hard-core SUVs with pure electric vehicles will surpass fuel vehicles. It can do better in terms of performance and functions. The reason why we didn’t think it could replace fuel vehicles before is that on the one hand, the battery layout affects the ground clearance, and on the other hand, there are concerns about range anxiety. Therefore, most of the new energy hardcore SUVs we see on the market are mostly hybrids. , plug-in hybrid and extended-range models, then as battery technology and energy replenishment locations gradually improve, the era of pure electric hardcore SUVs will come.

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