Priced starting from 99,900 yuan, the new Beijing BJ30 is officially launched

Release Date : 2024-05-23
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On May 22, the new Beijing BJ30 was officially launched. A total of 5 models of the new car were launched, with a price range of 99,900-136,900 yuan. The new Beijing BJ30 adopts a load-bearing body structure, so it is positioned as a "light off-road vehicle". As a replacement product, it adopts a new design style, has a larger body size, and is still positioned as a compact SUV. At the same time, it also adds The 1.5T hybrid system meets the diversified needs of the market.

Looking at the new car, the new Beijing BJ30 still retains the classic five-hole grille design on the front face. The headlights are integrated with the grille and wrapped in a transparent shell on the outside, which enhances its fashionable atmosphere. In addition, the new car still uses a black front bumper + silver guard plate to retain its wild atmosphere.

Coming to the side, the new car combines a square box shape with a rounded corner design, making it look lively and tough. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new BJ30 are 4730/1910/1790mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2820mm. It is definitely a big guy in its class. In addition, the car is also equipped with 19-inch petal-style wheels with tire size 235/60 R19. It also has an approach angle of 25°, a departure angle of 30°, a longitudinal breakover angle of 21°, and a maximum ground clearance of 215mm.

At the rear of the car, the new car does not use an external spare tire to enhance its hardcore style, but uses color matching to show a good sense of weight. A thick black trim panel is used under the rear windshield, and there are vertical taillights on both sides, which look like a D shape when lit. Bright silver decoration is added to the black rear surround, echoing the front of the car.

At first glance, the interior of the new car has a relatively simple style. The 10.25-inch + 14.6-inch dual-screen combination meets the need for a sense of technology. It also has a built-in 8155 chip, equipped with Yueyequan App and supports FOTA upgrades. In addition, the car is also equipped with a flat-bottomed leather steering wheel, a yacht-shaped gear handle and a turbine-shaped ATS all-terrain control knob, which can bring some surprises in details.

It is worth mentioning that its rear seats are designed to fold flat, further increasing the upper limit of trunk space, with a depth of up to 1920mm. The trunk capacity of the car is 1496L, and multiple anchor points are added inside to facilitate the use of net bags and other fixing methods. In terms of configuration, the new Beijing BJ30 will also provide L2.5 level driving assistance functions.
In terms of power system, the new BJ30 will provide fuel and hybrid versions. The fuel version is equipped with a combination of 1.5T engine + 7DCT gearbox; the hybrid version uses a 1.5T engine + electric motor, with a maximum engine power of 116kW and a peak torque of 235 N·m; the hybrid system has a comprehensive maximum power of 301kW, a peak torque of 685 N·m, a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 6.59 seconds, a fuel consumption of 6.45L/100km, and a comprehensive cruising range of 1,000 kilometers. In addition, the car will be equipped with ATS all-terrain control system and has 4 off-road driving modes.
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