Setting a new delivery record for China's premium pure electric brand, who is paying for the Extreme zeekr 001?

Release Date : 2023-09-18
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Not long ago, the 50,000th unit of Krypton 001 was officially delivered. Compared with the 50,000th unit delivered by the new force, the 50,000th unit of Krypton 001 was delivered in less than 12 months. This new brand standing on the shoulders of "giants" has accomplished its feat with lightning speed. In retrospect, in less than a year, this achievement is really quite impressive.

The fastest electric car drift speed of 207.996km/h, electric cars around the pile the fastest 49.05s, two Guinness records, Polar Krypton 001 a time of fame, and its merit and name can not hide, the total power of the system of 400kW, peak torque 768N-m, 100km acceleration of 3.8 seconds, the top speed of more than 200km/h, on this one alone is that a lot of pure electric cars can not reach. This is the only thing that many pure electric cars can't reach, and the explosive handling really attracts a lot of people. in August and September for two consecutive months to get more than 300,000 yuan of domestic pure electric luxury sales champion, and in the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Automotive Industry Branch of the Automotive Finance and Value Assurance Rate Research Committee, Automotive Home and other authoritative professional platforms released pure electric car value ranking, extreme krypton 001 are topped the Chinese brand pure electric car value first, how to look at it? It's a choice that you can't lose or be fooled, so it's no wonder that the 50,000th unit was delivered so quickly.

The development of Krypton 001, it really did what it said at the beginning "not to be a boring electric car", from the large space, luxury quality, driving control, it is still to China's pure electric face - Krypton 001 from the opening of the delivery to the delivery of more than 10,000 units, it took 110 days; From the delivery of 10,000 to break through 20,000 units, it took 107 days; to delivery again broke through 30,000 units, only 64 days; to delivery break through 40,000 units, only 45 days; from the delivery of break through 40,000 to break through 50,000, it is only 31 days. By the end of 2022, it can be expected that Krypton 001 will play a new height, time for Krypton is just a relative concept, but its services are carried out day and night, pure user thinking, attracted countless trendy high-quality young user groups, a "fast, accurate, stable" captured the heart of the performance party, but really convincing to the user is always the same. But what really convinces the user is always its service, from the owner's activities to the 10,000 people crowd test, all listen to and play the owner's subjective initiative, so that they really participate in, personally feel the characteristics of the car, who can refuse such sincerity and creativity.

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