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Release Date : 2023-09-14
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Some say the "flagship SUV of family intelligence" is a mobile office, so let's give it a try.
I have analysed the static performance of the new LI L9, including the exterior, interior, functional design, seating, spatial utility and so on. As the "best SUV within 5 million RMB", it was not easy to book a test drive for the LI L9. It was said that the pre-scheduling of the test drive was prioritised for subscribers, and I received a call from an Ideal sales consultant a month after I initiated the booking.

I'd also like to continue the praise for the car's white interior from above, partly because orange is just too ugly (I don't know which product manager led this colour change, that brown colour of the Ideal ONE would clearly have a wider audience), and partly because several colours don't require an extra payment, and this much smoother white interior is definitely more recommendable (in comparison, the Tesla's white interior is overly bright and white somewhat harsh and not as nice as Ideal in this colour). In addition to the colour itself, I like that the white interior is a carryover from the Ideal ONE, which has a very bright interior, and when you pull open the door at night, the interior will have a different sense of transparency under the white seats, which is also a high level that the brown interior version of the Ideal ONE can't reach.

"Ride Experience: Vibration Filtering & Soundproofing

Since the L9's seat model is a big leap forward compared to its predecessor, and since the experience starts with a test drive, I'll start with the ride. When the suspension is adjusted to "sport", the filtering vibration is flexible enough, and the ability to suppress small bumps on the road surface is excellent, but there is some aftershock for large-scale vibration filtering, and the rear axle will also show lateral oscillation at the same time, which is more obvious to passengers in the second row and the third row, but it's hard to consider it as having a sense of luxury in terms of the current performance assessment.

Acoustic quietness is a clear advantage, and (I don't know if it's adequately augmented by the Michelin PS4 SUV) road noise is very slight, and wind noise gain with speed is minimal, which is excellent in the 400,000-500,000 RMB price range. On top of that, the range extender's running qualities are somewhat optimised over the previous Dongan-powered three-cylinder 1.2T engine, and the start/stop process is very smooth.


In my last article, I devoted a lot of space to the seating and space layout of the Ideal L9, so I'll mention it again this time from a ride perspective. I have to say that the ride in the third row of the Ideal L9 breaks through the threshold of "usable", the legroom can be coordinated with the second row, and the thickness of the cushions is also OK. I think the current third row seating layout of the Ideal L9 can be said to be "for emergency use" or "for a baby in three rows". I think the Ideal L9's current third-row seating layout can be described as "emergency use" or "three rows of sitting children".

The gap between the Ideal L9's third-row seats and the third-row seats of some MPVs is also still evident. First, the head space, L9 third row is not as Toyota Sai that head, but after all, electrified SUV's interior vertical height is quite limited, from the second row into the third row of the posture is still relatively lousy, need to be owed to the head to barely get into the second row of the posture, even though the L9 cushions than many three-row SUVs thicker than some of the thighs can to a certain extent get to support, but the support or need legroom as a price.
At this time in fact is required to use the calf forward in exchange for the thigh and cushion fit, even though the length of the car more than 5.2 metres, but the L9's interior is still not so ample space to meet this demand, and the actual third row if there is only one passenger, it can be chosen near the middle of the leg into the second row of the central aisle, so that you can get a thigh in exchange for a full support; but if the third row of the two passengers, both of which are But if there are two occupants in the third row, both of them extend their legs to the front row is obviously not very realistic, at this time who will be the passenger who extends his legs has become particularly critical, while the second row of passengers must also have mixed feelings in their hearts.

Compared to the third row, the seating experience in the second row is much better. Of course, the discussion should be based on the condition that there are no passengers in the third row (i.e. there is no restriction on the adjustment angle of the front and rear seats, backrest pitch). Whether it is the "lower status" driver's rear seat or the exclusive right rear seat with a small table (which will be discussed later in the text), a comfortable sitting posture can be found, except that it is more waist up than the front seats, and there is almost nothing to be picky about. If there are no passengers on the right side of the third row, it is also more comfortable for passengers on the right side of the second row to lay on their backs and spread out their leg rests, which is worthy of praise.
Driving experience
When stepping on the accelerator lightly, the power release of this L9 is still relatively perfect in "sport" mode. Regardless of the response, at least around 70% of the remaining battery during the test drive, the vehicle's throttle response to different speeds and throttle pedal depths is not faultless. Similar to the previous ideal ONE, the idle range of the throttle in "comfort" mode will significantly increase, although it may shield some misoperation, I think it is not recommended for everyone to use overall.
The official announcement is that there has been an improvement in acceleration performance, but there is not much difference between the absolute power feel and the ideal ONE. It is also possible that the SOC of this test drive vehicle may not be able to fully utilize the strongest power level of this car. However, absolute power or acceleration ability is not my biggest concern for this car. I only hope that it can have relatively stronger power at low SOC. The previous ideal ONE was able to accelerate within 7 seconds at high SOC (above 75%), while at low SOC (below 20%), it would have to accelerate beyond 11 seconds. Even if it was beyond 11 seconds, normal driving could still be guaranteed, but the power gap was too large.

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