BYD SEAL all-electric model hits Australian market

Release Date : 2023-10-23
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On October 17, BYD held a launch event in Australia to put its BYD SEAL all-electric sedan model onto the local market.

Luke Todd, Chief Executive Officer of EV Direct, BYD's exclusive partner in Australia, said, "The debut of the BYD SEAL marks a significant milestone in the Australian automotive industry. With outstanding performance, dynamic aesthetics, the BYD SEAL promises a driving experience like no other."

Inspired by "marine aesthetics", BYD Seal adopts a unique design language and boldly expresses it with a fashionable and sporty shape. It is the world's first electric vehicle to adopt CTB battery chassis integration technology, iTAC intelligent torque control system, rear-wheel drive/all-wheel drive architecture, double wishbones in the front, and five-link independent suspension in the rear.

BYD said that BYD SEAL represents the pinnacle of BYD's dedicated platform for pure electric vehicles, e-Platform 3.0, and has achieved breakthroughs in safety, controllability, efficiency and other aspects. Smooth body lines, suspended wave-shaped lighting LED headlights, and large silver-plated panoramic sunroof on the roof all give BYD Seal a unique aesthetic.

In addition, BYD SEAL is also equipped with 9 airbags, automatic emergency braking system, driver fatigue monitoring, child presence detection and other functions, demonstrating BYD's commitment to safety.
Since its entry into the Australian passenger vehicle market in 2022, BYD has made significant strides, with the establishment of 13 stores, including the world's first BYD Super Experience Store. To date, BYD has launched three models in the local market.

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