250,000-300,000?Li L6 will be officially launched in the second quarter

Release Date : 2024-03-04
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Recently, during the group visit of Ideal Automobile, we learned that the Li L6 will be officially launched in the second quarter, focusing on the 250,000-300,000 yuan market.In addition, there are three pure electric products that will be launched in the third and fourth quarters one after another. According to the press conference, all the pure electric vehicles launched by Ideal Automobile this year will be equipped with electric four-wheel drive and 5C supercharging technology.In terms of going to sea, Ideal Motors has started the organization of the sales team in Dubai and will start delivery in Dubai in the fourth quarter of this year.
According to previous information, the Li L6 is positioned as a medium-sized five-seater SUV. The exterior design of the car is highly consistent with the Li L7, and it still adopts a family-style design language. It can be seen that it has a family-standard through-through daytime running light. The small lights on both sides are connected to the entire daytime running light through, and the front surround is the engine's cooling port, and the style is also different from L7.
On the side of the body, the difference between it and the L7 also seems to be very subtle, mainly because the side waist line is different.In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Li L6 are 4925/1960/1735mm, and the wheelbase is 2920mm.At the rear of the vehicle, the through-through taillights are still used, the license plate is still at the bumper, and the size of the entire tailgate is not small.This model will have a version equipped with lidar and a version not equipped with lidar.
"2024 Li L7 interior"
In terms of interior, the official said that the ideal L6 will be replaced with the latest smart cockpit at the same time as the 2024L series. It is expected that the front row layout will be exactly the same as the design of the new L7, and the rear row space and trunk space will be reduced accordingly. .
  In terms of power, the ideal L6 is equipped with a 1.5t four-cylinder engine as a range extension system, with a maximum power of 113 kilowatts, and dual front and rear motors as the main power source. Battery suppliers are still from Ningde Times and Xinwanda. The battery capacity is 35.8kwh, and the pure battery life is 172 kilometers.
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