Sold for 139,990-216,900 yuan Changan Hunter pickup on the market

Release Date : 2024-03-04
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On the afternoon of March 1st, Beijing time, the range-extended power pickup Changan Hunter was officially launched. According to the differences in body size, configuration and power, the new car launched 8 models for users to choose from, with a guide price range of 139,990-216,900 yuan.The launch of the vehicle has boosted the involvement of new energy in the field of commercial vehicles. For pickup truck users with high torque requirements, electric drive has unique advantages.
Introduction to the new car

  Changan Hunter pickup truck was officially unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2023. The car is the first range-extended power pickup truck owned by Changan Automobile. The new car has a powerful appearance, highlighting the mecha-style lines, and the headlight shape is more technological and futuristic than the traditional pickup truck in our impression.
In terms of body size, there are two types of standard boxes and extra-long boxes for new cars.The length/width/height of the standard box model are 5380×1930×1885mm, and the wheelbase is 3180mm; the body size of the extra-long box is 5630×1930×1885mm, and the wheelbase is 3430mm.The size differences of the vehicles are all reflected in the cargo boxes.
The size of the cargo box of the standard box model is 1600×1595×500mm, and the size of the ultra-long box cargo box is 1850×1595×500mm. In addition to the common scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating properties, the car is also equipped with a high-power external power-off interface, whether it is traveling for play or working in the field, it can provide corresponding power supply protection.
The step in and out of the cargo box has added a segmented opening function, which makes it more convenient to enter and exit the cargo box; some models of cargo boxes are equipped with manual roller blinds, which are equipped with wind and rain protection and anti-theft functions when closed, allowing the trunk of the pickup to form an enclosed space.
The simple shape of the interior is very similar to that of modern new energy models, and the materials are also more elegant.According to the price difference, the vehicle provides fixed-speed cruise, Gaode map navigation, steering assist lights, induction wipers, voice control, car-machine OTA upgrade, leather steering wheel, LCD instrument, 40W wireless charging platform, leather seats, seat heating, 4/6 speakers, air-conditioning rear air outlets, etc.
In terms of riding space, experiencers with a height of 180cm still have a certain margin after adjusting their driving posture in the front and rear seats. Adults of ordinary height do not need to worry. Under full load, the platform in the middle of the rear seat has a certain bulge. Fortunately, the longitudinal space is not small, which can give passengers a certain range of activities.
For the power system, Changan Hunter uses a JL486ZQ6 2.0T displacement engine as a range extender, with a maximum net power of 140kW.In terms of motors, the two-wheel drive version of the model uses a 130kW rear motor, and the four-wheel drive version of the model uses a combination of 70kW and 130kW dual motors.The vehicle is equipped with a 31.18kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, with a CLTC pure battery life of 180km and a comprehensive battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers.
Thanks to the advantages of electric drive, the vehicle has sufficient torque, a light start, rapid overtaking, and guaranteed fuel economy. In addition, as the NVH performance of commercial vehicles that has been criticized by everyone, the car has also been well resolved.

● Listing background

  In the field of commercial vehicles, high torque and economy have always been the rigid needs of many users. The use of electric drive is theoretically the perfect solution to these two major needs. However, because there are fewer paving roads, the use scenarios of commercial vehicles and passenger cars are very different. The development of pure electric and hybrid commercial vehicles has the taste of crossing the river with a stone. On the road of new energy for commercial vehicles, Changan is at the forefront. The challenge faced by Changan hunters is that as a novelty, they need to prove and accumulate their reputation through time.
● Competitive product analysis
  Changan Hunter has almost no direct competitors in the market. The models that have been listed at the moment are basically pure electric drives, such as the Great Wall Cannon, SAIC Chase T70 EV, Radar RD6... And these pure electric pickups face two problems. One is the price. Pure electric models require large battery capacity, so prices of 200,000 to 300,000 are very common; the slightly lower price Radar RD6 uses a carrier-type body, which inevitably looks a bit alternative in the pickup field where tough guys are the truth.Therefore, Changan Hunter can be described as having no competitors in the same level.
★ Editor's comments:
  In the field of passenger cars, new energy has formed a strong position with traditional fuel-powered power. In the field of commercial vehicles, the trend of new energy seems to be just beginning. In the face of this background, major companies are happy and worried. I am happy that this is a blue ocean, and I am worried that I don't know how many people can like this cake and what they can do.The Changan Hunter, which uses range-increasing power, is the first person to eat crabs in this field. We look forward to its success, allowing consumers to get a pickup truck experience with high torque, good economy, and quiet and smooth driving texture.

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